What makes girls want to text a guy?

Question by A: What makes girls want to text a guy?
Right now I don’t really text any girls because often times if I do it first they either don’t text back or don’t keep the conversation going very long. What can I do to get some girls to text me first and what are some tips for once we get into a conversation? I just really want to frequently text girls and have them respond right away and want the conversation to stay alive for a while because I know they do that with some other guys in my school.

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Answer by Paro
Dude, there are way more fun things to do with girls than text them.

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  1. be funny! maybe crack some jokes. use smiley faces once in a while, and talk about interesting things, not anything boring. using exclimation marks makes the conversation seem more interesting and might make them want to respond quicker. and definetly do not use one word answers! girls hate that. and if you want them to text you first, well i dont really know what to say other than talk to them at school and let them know you want them to text you, and honestly, most girls like it better when the guy texts them first! good luck 🙂

  2. I’m not a girl, but I have gotten a girl or two to start a text conversation before.

    Honestly, I don’t know how it works and why they decide to spontaneously have a conversation.
    Before I get to my response, though, don’t get so hung up on not texting- I know it feels suckish (trust me, I know the experience), but in the end, all that matters is whether you’re able to flirt with a girl. Not how many girls text you…Just saying

    As for my response, however, [assuming you’re in school] I’d advise to be a sort of study buddy-so the girl texts you whenever she doesn’t get the assignment or she wants to know the date of a test. Great way for her to start a text conversation, and great way for you to continue it.

    Yet some lucky guys get girls to text them with no reason at all-or more likely, this is when a girl is flirting with you (texting you without a real reason). If this is what you want, then I’d advise to make yourself appear good in real life…you know, when a girl is texting you she is obviously thinking how the guy treated her in real life.
    So go along those lines, and again, stay bold and chill.

    Live long and prosper.

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