What is with girls and texting?!?

Question by Sargent Schultz: What is with girls and texting?!?
I have been talking to this girl, we have been on a few dates and what not, but all she wants to do is TEXT. I get sick and tired of texting all the time. Plus, when I ignore the texts, because I am busy, she thinks we “dont talk anymore”. I mean, come on. Im busy! Opinions?

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Answer by kevin
i asked this girl in my class and she says that she gets like over 1000 text messages a day….

its crazy man

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  1. texting is addicting! it gives us a rush when we get text messages! you know that person is thinking of you and the clicky noise the buttons make is addicting!

    and about your problem, you should tell her that you’re busy and you’ll talk to her later! it’s not that hard! just text “busy. ttyl.” that’s it! that’s all we want!

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