What is the “right” way to respond to those one-word texts from someone you like?

Question by Joey: What is the “right” way to respond to those one-word texts from someone you like?
So like many guys I end up getting the one word text replies from girls every now and then. It got to the point where if they gave me more then two or three one word text replies I would just stop texting. I really just don’t like it at all. What bothers me the most is when a girl I like texts me first and eventually her replies just go from a few sentences to one word and so I just literally stop replying because I can’t stand those sort of texts, even if it’s from a crush.

So I’m just curious what would be a good way to respond to this? Should I just keep doing what I am doing or is there a better way to go about this?
Advice from either guys in the same boat, or girls that understand why some girls give these kind of replies would be great. I may be making it a bigger deal then it is, but it’s just one of my pet peeves!

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  1. erghh thats really annoying when ANY gender does that 😛
    if they keep going down from a paragraph to a sentence to just a few words then really you shouldnt be bothering, because if they said hi forst then it means trhey want to talk to you but if they’re not putting the effort in then you really shouldnt have to although it could be a mixture of nerves just depends on the person yah know? 🙂 good luck with em though

  2. Ugh, I hate that too. Maybe just start off with a conversation about something and see if it catches their attention. And if it continues on then.. maybe ask them why they reply to you like that?

  3. I’m a girl.
    I actually don’t know why this happening, because i always answer in full sentances.
    I really do not want to talk
    I don’t find the person intresting
    I’m talking to someone else at that moment

    I don’t think this helped but if it did good 🙂

  4. I would suggest just reply with one word too. Im a girl and i sometimes do it, but i usually do it when im mad at the guy, or he said the wrong thing or sth.

  5. well first, you can try asking them to stop with the one word texts. if thy still dont they may be shy and if its your crush she may know you like her.
    if i know a guy likes me i get nervous and then i cant think of what to say. so i type ok or something like that.
    these girls may have the same problem as me so just talk to them about it.

  6. I think it annoys everyone really. I would just give her one word replies back.
    You didnt really say much about what exactly she’s saying, like is it just “lol.” or “yeah” that she’s typing to you?
    I dont know, i guess it doesnt really make a difference but do you think that you two feel the same way about each other?
    I know i wouldnt text one word replies to the guy i like, so does she really like you back?
    The only reason I’m asking is because theres no point trying to hold a conversation with someone who’s genuinely not interested in you and that is just most likely bored.

    If i were you i would move on. Goodluck

  7. Myabe she is just out and about and cannot sit and write a long text but wants you to know you are not being ignored, maybe just wait an hour or so and then text back. I depends what the reply is really.

  8. Answer in a sarcastic way! That usually works out. You both know you hate recieving one word/letter texts, so if she sends you one, send him/her three in return 😉

  9. The question that precedes your posted question is: WHY is this girl (implies any girl you are talking to) texting back with one word replies?

    To answer this question, YOU must analyze the previous texts you have sent the girl and identify ANY words, phrases, or emoticons that convey your overt attraction to her. To elaborate, when a girl senses that a guy is highly attracted to her BUT does not provide any challenge, the guy’s attraction level drops significantly. Women love to fight to get to a man’s heart. Challenge can come in a variety of ways; for instance, when a girl is attracted to a guy and she wants to visit him, the guy who understands challenge does not say “Yeah, come right over. But be quick, because the cupcakes will get cold.” Instead the guy replies with “You can come over, but you have to say you love me first.” Guys who are not used to providing girls with challenges will have a difficult time stomaching this idea, nonetheless, is one that must be applied in all relationships.

    In the same way that a girl can sniff out desperateness in a guy, you must also be adept at identifying WHEN you attraction level has taken a hit. In your case:
    Your texts reek of nice-guy-who-provides-no-challenge–> Girl senses your pathetic texts–> Your attraction level decreases –> The incoming texts you receive are one-worded answers that convey less vitality than Michael Jackson’s corpse

    Anytime you find yourself in a similar predicament remember this: whoever cares less in a relationship has more power. Go no contact, but do not make it obvious that you are withdrawing attention. Occupy yourself with something, like burying enemies. If this girls antics continue, cut her off completely and move on with your life; stressing over situations like this will only imbibe your energy.

  10. If a girl gives one word answers, it’s either because 1) she’s not that used to texting or 2) you haven’t raised her interest level.
    The best way to raise a girl’s interest level is to spark her emotions.

    Imagine she’s having a dull and boring day and then reads your text and laughs.
    That just made her day and YOU are now the highlight of her day.

    I try to think of things that send a *fun* playful vibe.
    Like: “wana wrestle?” or “ just saw this smelly homeless guy with yellow teeth, these crazy looking eyes, and the most raggedy pair of jeans I’ve ever seen. He reminded me of you!”

    Texts like these work really well because they stand out from the crowd of
    boring “What’s up?”s, “Hey”s, and “How are you?”s other guys send her.
    Good luck!

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