What is the best way to text a girl?

Question by Joey: What is the best way to text a girl?
How to text a girl is a fun way that gets her more interested in you. How do you flirt with girls over texting without being too obvious? What is the best way to sart a text conversation without getting a one word reply? Girls only – what is the best short, fun or playful text that a guy has sent you?

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Answer by Dane Shawn
Hey babe… Im working on a theory that my penis is able to fit down your entire mouth if I have two thumbs up… want to help me prove it?

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  1. Trust me if you just text her she will be happy be like “hey whatsup” if you feel enthusiastic it will come out enthusiastic and fun. 😉 hope i helped.

  2. Just talk, show expressions and you’ll be fine. Girls jsut want a guy who actually talks and doesnt seem distant when talking to you. Talk as if she was standing right in front of you. you wan act out things in between this symbol ** Example: *poke*

  3. I mean definitely be yourself. But it is important to follow the vibe of the girl. You can for sure ask her the standard “Hey, whats up?” But it is important that if her replies appear distant than to not be too pushy. What I mean is, do not constantly text her to try to keep the conversation alive. This will only bother her and will start to give her the idea that you are coming onto strong and possibly somewhat pushy. Also, for some reason, girls cannot resist a guy who keeps them on their toes, someone that plays a tad hard to get. Meaning, maybe you always end the conversation if you think it starts to feel like it’s dying, or let her try to work for it. Though it is SO SO important to be who you are, don’t try to be a douche just to get a girl’s attention. I hope this helps!!

  4. Lol I love it when guys I like text me asking questions. Like how my day was, or personal stuff on getting to know me. Us girls are sensitive, just remember that. And giving small compliments are awesome. 🙂

  5. Dont know what makino is thinking. but please dont do that she will think you are a wierdo freak. thats like saying LOL in person.! how wierd.
    trust me on this, im a girl.
    Just put smiley faces not winky faces.
    and make sure to keep the conversation flamed. or else she would get bored

  6. i use to go out with this boy he would text me and say WAHTS UHP!! and i would say heyyyy! then he would ask waht i was doing and i would say something like watching tv then he would man i wish i was there watching it with you then he would ask me for a picture and when i sented him it he would say damn babee you sexy as fuckk i just loved how he knew waht to say everytime

  7. i knew i guy who would say things like “poke”, “tag” and stuff like that and it was hilarious. just be yourself, make her feel pretty and special. dont over due it tho!

  8. Well don’t start off talking dirty because that is just gonna make it seem like all you want is sex. Just say stuff like what are you doing today, do you wanna hang out, and simple stuff like that. Then when the conversation doesn’t seem like its getting no where, if you saw her the day you text her say stuff like you looked really pretty today, what did you do to your hair. Its gonna make her feel like she is special, you care about her, and that you were paying attention to her.!

    Hope this helped

  9. As far as I know, there are three major rules to texting:
    1) Keep it generally to small talk, I’ll tell you why in a sec
    2) Don’t be pushy. Keep a conversation going and don’t be excessively random ar creepy about it. Talk to her how you wanna be talked to. No one likes to be neglected so if she starts a conversation than you had better finish it.
    3) Most importantly, DO NOT DEVELOP A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP THROUGH TEXT MESSAGING. I’m assuming you like this girl since you’re contemplating how to talk to her. My point is keep your life and text messages apart because texting can be dangerous. A relationship started through texting will most likely die by the same means. Your mouth should always be doing more interaction than your fingers .That statement actually has legitimacy not only in regards to texting but also 10 years down the line when you….forget I mentioned it.
    These are the three basic rules I go by. Straying too far from them can seriously screw up a relationship or worse. I wish you good luck and I hope my dogma on texting has helped, ignoring the innuendo.

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