What is the best way to text a girl I like?

Question by Rick: What is the best way to text a girl I like?
How often should I text her? I want to talk to her as much as possible but I don’t want to be annoying. What are the best things to text her to get a good conversation going? What can I text her to make her want to text me first? I feel weird always being the one texting first. Thanks.

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Answer by Dan
Try sending messages when you are buzzing on opiates.

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  1. I personally hate the following text habits that a lot of guys do:
    –I do not like “good night” or “good morning” texts
    –I don’t like when guys put a “=)” in every text
    –I don’t like when guys just text “What’s up?” or “Hey =)”

    I do like when guys text me only when they really have something to say, even if it is just “Thinking about you”. I like it when guys cut the flirty shit and just have a meaningful conversation with me. And, most of all, I like it when guys skip texting a call/write/or talk to me in person.

  2. make her laught im not talkin bout lol but really laugh and shell txt u and take turn txtin first and txt good morning everyday n ask bout her day

  3. I’d prefer a call instead of a text. As texting gets some people annoyed… I’m 25 and i can barely stand texting flirty stuff now days as i find it’s weak to show someone how much you like them. A guy that has guts to call and start a conversation in person or on the phone is what i’d prefer.

  4. Send a text like when she reads she should smile, she should happy.
    Make her happy always with your test, that should be questing way so that she may reply happily, just say always, yu are cute, sweet, blah blah, she wil definitely gets happy 🙂 have a happy life

  5. Simply strike up a conversation about interests.
    Say you like basketball, ask if she does. What are her hobbies? Does she have any pets? Don’t ask too many questions though, you might sound a little creepy! Add in some simple compliments. “You looked very nice today,” or if you’re brave enough “You’re beautiful,” but i would refrain from using more than about 3 compliments in a weeks worth of texting. How much should you text her? Every day, or every other day. I’d stick with every other day, maybe two conversations at two different times a day? Now here comes the hard part, making her want to text you first. If you are interesting, and feels hapy when texting you (the compliments should be helping in this part) then she may text you first, but you never really know. I don’t find boys annoying unless they message me until i answer, or if they try to talk to me every moment of the day they are available… Just try to seem interesting, and maybe once you get close enough start talking about a movie, or even just going out to lunch together. Hope i helped!

  6. Making her laugh or curious is the best way to get her to respond to you.

    Try something like:

    “Just ate a cookie that changed my

    It’s so simple and ridiculous but it sparks her curiosity very well. She’ll
    want to know why that cookie was so awesome.

    It’s worked 9 times out of 10 for me. Once she responds, the rest is easy. Keep the
    conversation going and ask her out.

    If you want to learn more, the video below explains a technique
    you can use to write funny texts.
    Check it out and good luck!

  7. Sorry to say this, but typically I have found that the girl doesn’t like me if she is not the one to text first. Some girls are obviously more affectionate than others, though…

    I would just talk about random stuff…actually I would just call her, texting is stupid.

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