What is the best way to talk to girls?

Question by 17/m: What is the best way to talk to girls?
What is the best way to talk to girls?-advice please?
Hi i’m 17 and very shy and Ive recntly since my counselling been able to talk with girls more comfortably – for example this one girl had spoken to me loads and I never felt comfortable returning the conversation until recently.
So any helpful advice and tips please would be very appreciated please add detail I’ll pick best answer!

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Answer by Mikey
Where did you get counseling for that? I know some people who could use it.

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  1. Hey man, I am pretty shy too. But just try to keep calm always, be natural, don’t just act it. And try not to think too much about what your gonna say or how your going to say it.
    and when you do talk to them just ask them about stuff like how they are, and if your in school ask them how its going for them and stuff like that, anything that could start a conversation.

  2. hey im a teenage girl and i Always liked it when guys gave me compliments. and i know the dumbest answer that any gives you is to “be your self” cause that never works. and if you say something stupid just forget it cause most likely tomorrow you’ll be the only one who remembers. and it always makes the conversation more comfortable with some humor so be funny!

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