What is the best way to start a conversation with a girl?

Question by call me the greatest (USMC): What is the best way to start a conversation with a girl?
like if i see a cute girl in the mall or something that i have never met before how should i approach her so i can start a conversation wiht her

like girls around 18 19 20

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Answer by hamper?
ask her cup size.

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  1. compliment her, be sincere, don’t start with “you’re hot”, although flattering that’s a big turnoff.

  2. Say, “Hey, you look familiar. Do you know (insert fake name.)”
    She says no
    you say, “Oh well. So wanna get to know me? Im (insert your name)

  3. haha im 19 and im still just trying stuff. like random females just try something. thats the only way you’ll truely learn cause i’ve tried approaching them like a gentleman with the whole hi how are you line…hey baby…hey shawty….whuz up slim….ay yo baby…excuse me miss….excuse me maam…or just bump into em and start a conversation lol im just going thru trial and error to see what they really respond well to. im looking for input on this tooo…

  4. Find in a reason under the circumstance you’re in to talk to her, so you’ll both have something to relate to immediately.
    For example, if a cute girl is playing games at the arcade, vs her or co-op and I’m sure you’ll be able to start a conversation from there.
    Bad example, but you get my point.
    You could try saying “HI” oout of nowhere to her. But then you’ll probably be stuck with the awkwardness of trying to pull something out of your butt to keep the conversation going. Plus she’ll probably think you’re totally random by just popping up and saying “hi”… PROBABLY.
    Give all possible approaches a go with different women. Experiment, the embarrassment of failure is only temporary because you can choose never to see her again.

  5. Hope u are not a perv…
    if not just act cool, like self-confident and go like hey… I think a saw you last time.. were you on.. oH no never mind I think I got confused, anyway you look gorgeous.. If she smiles .. Go like pretty girls always like shopping…right?.. if she seems cool.. go like, would you like a smoothie or something..? maybe we can be friends. Just don’t brag about nothing just act kool not needy. if she goes for the smoothie lay your cards over the table.. and make her laugh and complement her. Ask 4 her # and call her like a week later. just to say wats Up.. don’t invite her out cose she’ll feel harassed..

  6. Well its easy, start off with “Hi” i know i know weird. Then of course she will give you this weird look, but it’s only because she is surprised… I mean really guys don’t come up to women ( we hope you do though) instead you stand there with your friends gossiping about the whole thing.
    If you just go up to her “ALONE” and be sweet you could get her number… Dont Flirt to much or try to come on as a “player” or she’ll think its just a game to you.

  7. Rule 1: Always smile, be confident if not a confident person fake it all the time and you will become confident. To start a conversation with a girl you haven’t met it starts from eye contact; make strong eye contact and make sure to be smiling you then have 30 seconds max to open and greet. When you speak to her do not isolate and open with something she has to answer add humor if possible or potential conversation lead on. Couple examples “Ew did you see that girls dress didn’t that look out of trash” or “did you see those 2 girls fighting out front” conversation doesn’t have to be true but make it interesting as this makes you interesting. Do not dominate conversation and although you must show attention do not give her to much otherwise you will be like every other guy. In conversation try to talk about things in general and also talk about things that make you look better then others girls like a man with worth and one who knows he does. Try to be cocky without to cocky and keep adding jokes when necessary to keep her smiling and make sure she always smiles and let her know this. When going to close for number be different and say something cheeky if the rapport (connection) is there like “you should put your number in my phone now so i know who it is when you text me” then this will invite her to ask for yours and number swap. I hope this is of help if you are seriously interested in wanting more of my help add me and send me message be more then happy to.

    N WiseMan Z

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