What is the best way to smooth talk girls?

Question by Mike T: What is the best way to smooth talk girls?
I’ve been having trouble picking up girls. I don’t know why, this never used to be a problem. What is the best way to start a relationship with a girl, or at least make her like me?

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Answer by krm29619
Admire them, praise them, buy flowers for them..

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  1. you have to be more specific,it depends upon the character of the girl u choose.commonly girls like the persons who are casual and a little angered

  2. Join more clubs or go out in groups, you can always find someone once you get out their and do things that u like then a girl will have the same interests as u do.

  3. hm, well, i like funny guys, who notice me, and will just walk up and talk to me. . . and aren’t mean or jerks or anything.

  4. first of all , dont try to smoooth talk girls like ur casonova cos unless ur casonova its looks riduculous (at least thats the way i see it) but that doesnt mean u cant smooth talk girls cos it is possible to smooth talk girls and come across as charming, just dont try to hard cos girls can see rite through lol. just be urself, have fun and dont take things or yourself too seriously, make her feel comfortable around you and she will feel comfortable around you:) gud luck

  5. Kindness, a smile and be yourself. Start with a hello and ask her name. Girls are smart now days and will spot a “Pick up line” a mile away and drop you like a bad habit. You can’t Make someone like you. A girl will like you if you are sincere. Show off your good qualities. Funny, make her laugh. romantic, give her a poem or write your own. You’ll figure it out. Good luck sweety.

  6. Be confident.
    Try to spark up a conversation, notice something she’s wearing( t-shirt, her jewelry, etc.) and ask her about it or compliment her on it. But always remember to be yourself…..oh, and it would really help if you got her to laugh…so tell a couple jokes!!!!…..let me know how it goes, good luck!!!

  7. well you shouldnt look desperate thats a major turn off. but really be yourself and dont make up fake compliments be true and respect her. just walk up to her and ask her out b.c if she says no that means no. dont be a stalker and beg.

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