What is the best thing to do while talking to a girl?

Question by tomaszzz: What is the best thing to do while talking to a girl?
should i text this girl non stop, or play hard to get and try to make her want me?

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Answer by rock
look at her eyes

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  1. hard to get. but be careful, you might end up giving her the impression that you don’t like her, and that she should move on, or something.

  2. Well.. hard-to-get gets annoying sometimes. It can send off a bad message too.

    Some girls like it when you text them non-stop; some don’t.


  3. play hard to get. thats the way to go. make HER want YOU
    anyway, girls like the “chase”
    just be like (in txt) “hey how u doin” <--- dont use a question mark! that looks desperate! dont look desperate, shy, or OBSESSED with her. TOTAL TURNOFF!

  4. Don’t text her so much she runs out of credit within the first hour, you’ll come across as desperate. Most girls don’t take to that..

    Don’t play “hard to get” either. She may think your not interested.

    Don’t play any games at all. Just be casual, be yourself and things will stem from there.

  5. play hard to get

    and if she is really intersted then she will come after you 🙂

    but dont toally ignore her bc then she will think you dont want anything to do with her lol

  6. You may seem too desperate if you text her nonstop. For me, it depends if I like the guy or not.. but if I don’t like him more than a friend I would just get annoyed that he texts too much and it is actually a bit of a turn off. But if i like the guy, or he’s my bf then I would want to text him all the time. I would suggest texting often but not too often to creep her out, and not too seldom because she might think you’re not interested.

  7. in between. dont be clingy thats gross
    and dont be overly nice because girls see right through that and know you are just kissing theyre a s s because you have no game

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