What is a good conversation starter with a girl?

Question by Braeden: What is a good conversation starter with a girl?
I want to text this girl. I think she likes me .. She sits with me every day at lunch. I want to text her first but I do not know what to say. I want to text her something but if she doesn’t text back I don’t want to be embarrassed the next day at school. ( that kinda might not make sense to you) but any ideas? Thank for the support.

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Answer by Sarah
Just say hi first 😀

That should work. lol

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  1. first of say hi..
    talk about what she is into. if she plays a sport talk about a game of hers or talk about a class you 2 r in together.
    whatever you do complement her.. just be you and all should go well

  2. If you feel as though simply saying hi is too boring or something, try sharing an experience you just had. “OMG MY RADIATOR JUST SPOKE TO ME!” “Woah. Coolest show on television I just saw.”

    Stuff like that. Be funny, be crazy, but be caring. Girls love to have fun but also love to be cared about at the same time.

    Good luck!

  3. Start with something not so intrusive like “hey” or “hello”. Then ask small questions like how’s it going? What ya doing, etc.

    Good luck dude!

  4. Don’t be embarrassed at all! Just text her saying Hey or Whats up. After she starts texting you, ask her if she wants to play a question game. You ask a question then she answers. Then she asks, you answer. That game goes on forever and gives you something to talk about!

  5. Text her “hi” and ask about her Christmas. That’s a good starter. Talk about stuff she’s into and try not to drone on about yourself the entire time. Girls like to be listened to.

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