What interesting things can i text to a girl that i like?

Question by lakersfan09: What interesting things can i text to a girl that i like?
well sometimes i don’t know what to text so i need help on what interesting things should i ask her or some good things to talk about. thanks for your help.

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Answer by Abram
how here day was is a good one and ask about her family if every one is fine the worst thing to do is to just text back and forth im not sure what to talk about or what do you want to talk about

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  1. Do you like jokes? Try that!
    Are you in to her kind of music try talking to her about that?
    But mostly girls like to talk about here problems and about themselves so if she talks about that just try to say something supportive 🙂 ! I hoped i helped Your welcome :)!

  2. When a guy texts me I don’t like when I can tell he’s trying. Just say hey ask how she’s doing. Or weather, yeah I know weather is cheesy but i always think it’s cute.
    And after you talk a while comment on something you did today, and make a joke out of it. Or something funny you saw earlier.

  3. Well, find out her interests! For example if she like music I’m pretty sure she’ll appreciate if you two have some texting about this etc.! Come on, be the real you and I’m sure that the future is brilliant!!! 😉

  4. Just strike up a convo about anything, and girls actually find it cute when a guy has a hard time talking to them. In a way it actually makes them feel superior to other girls that they had this effect on you. If all else fails, ask her about her day… Us girls can go on for days about how our afternoons went (:

  5. Honestly txt whatever’s on your mind girls like to know what your thinking, and if she’s knowes you like her even if she doesn’t, remind her.

  6. Just tell her things that are going on in your life. “just signed up for a triathalon. Why do I do these things to myself? Lol” “you’ll never believe what my dog did yesterday!” “ugh I hate algebra. Distract me? ;)” “looked up that YouTube vid. Meh. Other recs? :)” “I had the weirdest dream last night!”

    Or you could always talk about her. People love talking about themselves! “someone’s birthday is coming up! Got big plans?” “hey how’d your volleyball tourney go?” “hey good lookin, what’s cookin?”

    Inside jokes are always fun conversation starters. Reminisce on fun times you’ve had together! “remember when blah blah blah… Haha I was laughing so hard!” (of course insert a charming memory where the blah blah blahs are)

    Once in awhile it’s fun to play the random question game, where you just take turns asking (you guessed it!) random questions.

    Hope this helps! Happy texting! 🙂

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