What grade would a 15 yr old girl be in?

Question by cool kid: What grade would a 15 yr old girl be in?
Im texting this girl and i was wondering what grade a 15 yr old would be in?

Im 17, is this too much of an age gap?

Best answer:

freshman depending on her birthday
and no its just 2 years

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  1. 15 is either freshman or sophomore. If shes about to turn 16, she would be a sophomore. If she just turned 15, shes a freshman. I don’t think its much of an age gap at all, only two years. Just understand that she might not be on the same level maturity wise as you are.

  2. age 15, she’s probably in her freshman or sophomore year depending on the month her birthday is in.
    It’s not that bad.

  3. depends if she just turned 15 than she wound be in grade 9 & if she is15 going on 16 than grade 10 =)

  4. 15 years old would usually be a freshman. I was 15 when my boyfriend was 17, so it’s not that big of an age gap.

  5. 18- senior in hs
    17- junior in hs
    16- sophomore in hs
    15- freshmen in hs

    She’s most probably a freshman, unless she skipped or flunked grade levels… or has some weird leap year birthday thing going on.

  6. 15 is 18-3, so a freshman-sophomore (depends on birthdays)
    It’s a bit of an age gap, but I would encourage you to go with your heart. If she has a problem with it you’ll know. Her parents might too, but if you’re a gentleman they’ll warm up to you quickly enough.

  7. Well as of 2010, she should could be in freshman year(9th grade) if she JUST turned 15, or she could be in her sophomore year(10th grade), if she’s 15 and turning 16 this year. It all depends on her bday!

  8. its depending on her age. most girls that are 15 usually are a Freshman in high school or a Sophomore that is 15 turning 16. and no it is not too much of an age gap. 2 years is perfectly fine.

  9. Freshman, or sophomore. Like “Kiss My Buttox” said, it depends on her birthday.

    And No, 2 years isn’t that big of a difference. ! 🙂

  10. She might be in either grade 9 or 10.
    It’s only a 2 year age gap so it isn’t such a big deal. You are also both minors

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