What does this text from the girl I like mean?

Question by VE4: What does this text from the girl I like mean?
I’ve been on 2 dates with this girl I really like. I’d say the dates were successful, because we’ve both had a great time on them, and the girl I like even said so.

Her really good friend, who is a mutual friend of mine, is the one who hooked us up, and she showed me a text the girl i’m dating sent her about me.

The text stated: “I really like him, I’m afraid I say lol”

Why would she say she’s afraid that she likes me?

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Answer by Makayla
ask ur friend to text her back going
: lol what do u mean ur afraid? lol I’m glad it went well
hope it helps

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  1. She does like you, but she probably isn’t sure if she is ready to actually fall in love. What you should do is on the next date, really get to know her. Start asking some personal questions, don’t get to personal but yeah, and talk about your personal life as well. Oh, and kiss her. Like, at the end of the date, just give her a little peck on the cheek. Then she might really start getting feelings. I know I would

  2. she didt mean it as in scared afraid its just a saying when you tell someone something sounds promising for you tho

  3. My guess at that would be she’s afraid, because she might think you don’t share her feelings. Just tell her you like her as well! 😀

  4. maybe she’s one of those really energetic and open girls in public, but she’s really shy on the inside so she is scared to tell you, fearing rejection or one of those too good to be true lies that if you do tell, the girl will know and immediately confront you or dump you (sorry to be so blunt)

    well i hope things work out with you~ 🙂

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