What does it mean when a girl just stops texting you?

Question by Tim: What does it mean when a girl just stops texting you?
I have been texting this girl for like 3 months. At first we were just friends, but i developed a crush for her. She seemed to have developed one for me as well. Things seemed to be good, but then all of the sudden she stoped replying. We text every day so i found it odd. Its been a week now and she wont text me back. What happened, and did i do something wrong?

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Answer by Robbie Diesel
game over.

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5 thoughts on “What does it mean when a girl just stops texting you?”

  1. well maybe you said something that spooked her or maybe she just lost intrest or actually cud lost her pone if u talk to her it wudnt hurt to ask

  2. you should do what girls want you to do.

    First use your mind reading Powers on her.

    Then use your God-like decision making abilities.

    Well maybe shes not into you anymore, you could find that out by trying to talk to her but everyone fear rejection, lol. well you could just say Hi, while your walking and look her in the eyes for a second.

  3. It sounds like she’s lost interest. You could have came on too strong by texting too much or having boring conversations. Keep texting to a minimum and keep her wanting more. Within 3 months you should of set up a date/hangout. Don’t text her, wait until she texts first and if she doesn’t move on. She could even realise she misses talking to you and start texting again. If she does, change your approach with your texting and set up a date

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