What does it mean if your boyfriend deletes all his text messages?

Question by cutie_lee: What does it mean if your boyfriend deletes all his text messages?
My boyfriend of 8 months never deletes all his text messages, as his phone automatically deletes the last message to let a new one in. However, yesterday all his messages, inbox and sents, were all deleted. Does this mean he’s probably been texting other girls he doesn’t want me to know about?

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Answer by yared borgetti
It probably means hes emptying his inbox just because its to full regardless of if the last text message gets erased. But there is always a *chance*, just don’t get irrational and start making accusations when you can’t prove them.

Not only will that make you look stupid, but it could also harm your relationship. Instead just ask him why he deleted them and if he gets all uptight and asks why in a way that makes you suspicious then you might have reason to be concerned.

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  1. Possibly, but maybe he just deleted them just because. Just see if it happens again, or better yet, ask him. If you feel the need to always check his phone though, that means you don’t trust him, and maybe he picks up on that.

    I never understood why people feel the need to read their partners messages, e-mails, myspace messages, etc. It means there’s a lack of trust.

  2. He probably just wants his privacy, nothing wrong with that.
    Don’t nag him about it, because there are probably some things that you wouldn’t want him seeing.
    Just because you guys are dating doesn’t mean you have to know EVERY single detail about each other’s lives.

  3. How did you even find that out? You shouldnt be looking at his phone in the first place, no wonder he deleted them all. Everyone deserves privacy. It doesn’t mean he has been texting other girls, but he also doesnt have to tell you everything so maybe he had something personal. It also may mean nothing at all. You should just mind your business instead of snooping somewhere where you shouldnt.

  4. i delete my texts all the time and i’m not hiding a thing from him. i just do it kuz i hate when it’s all full & what not lol.. not kuz i’m texting other guys. try not to worry about it.

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