What does it mean if a girl uses Lol in the beginning of a sentence?

Question by S S: What does it mean if a girl uses Lol in the beginning of a sentence?
I noticed every time I text this girl she replies with Lol in the beginning of her sentence. I wasn’t even being funny or trying to be. Does it mean that she wasn’t bothered by my text and was happy to receive one from me?

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Answer by SpicyIcee
she just thinks it’s cool or maybe she doesnt understand lol means laughing out loud…do it back to her and see what she says/does

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  1. It could be that she is trying to flirt with you because i know i would always say that when i was texting him. Or happy to receive something from you like you said. Consider it a good thing though.

  2. its either that she is super excited to talk to you or that it is just a habbit, but when i use it it is the first thing i said … goodluck

  3. Any examples?
    Maybe she doesn’t get the term L.O.L. (laughing out loud)
    would a conversation go like this?
    you: I’m really tired!
    girl: lol me too.
    you: how was your weekend?
    girl: lol it was great.
    – – – – –
    Maybe she is just nervous when texting with you because she likes you. Saying “lol” breaks the ice.

    Glad to Help!

  4. I’m a girl and I usually say “lol” or “haha” in like every text when i’m nervous. She might like you.

  5. Haha, you’re reading too much into it. She’s probably just nervous and wants to keep the conversation light, and show you that your texts make her smile.

  6. Some people just text like that, me and my best friend say lol at least once in like all our text. lol. Then on the other hand, when I’m texting a guy I’m interested in, I only say “lol” if I really do “lol”, if I just smile at a guys text I usually say “haha” or something.

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