What does it mean if a girl doesent ever text you first?

Question by Anonymous: What does it mean if a girl doesent ever text you first?
I text this girl alot, but I’m starting to notice she never text’s me first. It’s been 5 days without texting her and she isn’t texing me first, yet when I text her she responds. I like this girl alot and I’m just wondering if this means anything, we talk a bit in person too so.

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Answer by Tyler
She just may be scared to txt you first. Dont think anything of it… Good luck!

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  1. It doesnt mean a thing girls hate HATE texting first it makes us feel annoying and it’s nice when you text us first:)
    -(that is how almost all girls feel!)

  2. if she doesnt text you first its because she is waiting for you to text her, she doesn wanna feel like she is bothering you or she doesnt like you. and if she didn like you she wouldn have texted you back at all. so i think she is either nervous cause she doesnt wanna bug you.. or she like s having you text her first cause it means your thinking of her.

  3. Text her first!!! Girls looooove it when guys text first! seriously tho! Whenever i get get a text from this guy i like i get the biggest smile ever! im sure she does too! Then i make lots of converstion and long texts. dont make the girl do all of the convo tho. Girls loooove guys who make convo! hope this helped

  4. Wow this is exactly what I went through with a guy. I would always text him, but he never texts me yet he responds when I text him.

    I think it just means she feels like she bothers you if she texts you first. If she always replies, then maybe she just always expects you to text her first.

    Lol, sorry I don’t have a good answer to this, I’m going through the same thing atm.

  5. I never text a guy first, even when I like him. If she is replying, then odds are she likes you. It’s when she gets annoyed and doesn’t reply that you should worry. But, it sounds like she just wants you to text her first.

  6. i did this to a guy. its not that i didn’t like him, it’s just that i liked another guy better. and when he texted me, it would be cool and we would have a nice conversation, but it just never crossed my mind to text him first. then i found out he rreallly like me. i didnt take the opppurtunity and i stilll like him. its been 2 years and he has NEVER left my mind.

    i hoped this helped.
    good luck and dont take it tooo personally

  7. This girl has had a different upbringing – where her family has explained that girls initiating any contact with a boy – makes her a Cheap person. As long as she is responding to your texts – you should consider yourself lucky. At least she is civil and respectful.

  8. She’s probably one of those shy girls. She might want you to text her first because she doesn’t know if your busy or not. Some girls can be like that. They can always want the guy to do it first because they might not want to bother you if your busy. If you already told her your not busy then she can be shy.

  9. Some people just aren’t text people. As long as she responds when it matters, thats all that should matter. Make sure that you aren’t texting too much and that you have substance and reasons for texting, I know I get annoyed when people text me ” I’m Bored” “how are you” however I don’t mind ” hey are you free sat I have tkts for a movies would you like to go” or “when are you free for lunch” be direct and have intention and she will reply 🙂

  10. I do the same, i don’t text guys first. But one time someone told me that that they don’t like when i don’t text him so now i do.. sometimes, just be like why do you never text me first! But it just means she is playing “hard to get”.

  11. Girls love it when guys text them first. When my boyfriend didnt text me i would always get sad and wondering why he hasnt text me that day (and he always said you never text me first) so im guessing thats why he wouldnt text me first, to see if i would him but TRUST ME girls love it when a guy texts them first it makes them feel special and like you thinking about them 😉

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