What do you talk in a text with a girl?

Question by Ian: What do you talk in a text with a girl?
This girl’s my best friend, but lately shes been holding off texting with me. Like have nothing to talk about anymore, I need some suggestions. BTW how do you know your annoying a girl while texting her.

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Answer by justsomegirl
if she’s annoyed she’ll probably give one word answers and not really try to make conversation. But if i were you talk to her about her day and then tell her something funny that happened in yours that usually starts a good conversation 🙂

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  1. if she gives u one word answers like maybe,yes or no.or maybe she doesnt text bak as fast as she used to..talk about what ifs situations or maybe childhood memories..anythin u have in common

  2. Well just ask how her day was…etc! If you want to know more and she seems willing to know more about you then survey her. Usually a girl becomes annoyed when texts of hers become vague or shorter than usual and the time it takes her to respond lengthens. If you find her doing any of these than tell her youll text her later, but dont! Then after a day or two if she doesnt text you first then usually shes not interested! Good luck 🙂

  3. make her laugh over text. be funny and just think of new conversations and if your running out of things to say just say whats up? and with her answer start talking about that subject for EXAMPLE

    you: whats up?

    her: painting my nails

    you: what color?

    her: blue and pink.

    you: thats cool i like the color blue whats your fave color?


    help me with this video??


  4. I agree. If she’s annoyed, she’ll send short responses..
    Like, “Yeah” “Oh” “nothing” …

  5. yh i have the exact same situation. one of my buddies tell me if im pissin someone off cuz girls dont like to tell u straight to ur face unless they really hate u or sumthng or theyll ignore u, thats the worse.
    if ur annoying a girl while texting her theyre is really no way to tell becuz stuff might actually come up and she says i gotta go or sumthng. unless she tells u that ur bein retarded or annoying. lol.
    as far as ur best friend goes ask her stuff that u dont know already and when u find something interesting or in common start a conversation.

  6. Usually I just ask them what there doing and from there it just takes off. People like to get text messages because it makes them feel special so it would be hard to annoy them but one thing that pisses me off is when people send me multiple messages when I don’t respond, it’s like ok I didn’t respond for a reason!

  7. her answers will be short and won’t cmpletely answer your message. The best thing to do is to meet her face face and and talk that way, it will mean a whole lot more to her and she will probably mean a whole lot more to her and she will be more likely to hangout with you in the future

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