What do I do with my hands while talking to girls?

Question by Ibrahim: What do I do with my hands while talking to girls?
When talking to girls, I don’t know what to do with my hands. I try putting them in my pockets but then they get really sweaty. I try putting them on top of my head but then it looks like i just got done playing peewee soccer. I really need help with this. Any suggestions would be great.

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Answer by Ddog
Grab her boobs. That’s what they’re there for

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  1. Just put them at your sides or cross them… if you don’t use hand gestures when you talk… cuz I do that so I don’t have your problem…

  2. If you’re wearing jeans, I’d recommend putting them in your back pockets. Unlike your front pockets or pockets in a sweatshirt, it won’t make your hands clammy or sweaty (at least for me).

  3. What I do is just wave em around a bit like Rob dyrdek. If you’ve seen Ridiculousness, then you’ll know what I mean. Grab your nose or scratch sometimes to make it less obvious that you’re nervous

  4. Put your hands in your pockets but the way that you don’t make it sweat.
    like put your hand in your pockets except for your thumbs something like that

  5. make movements with you hands while talking haha 😀 ( like handgestures)
    that’s really formal 😉
    or just keep them beside you, don’t do anything with em 🙂

  6. Just leave them at your sides and even though you feel stupid, you look pretty normal to us. Or hang your thumbs on the corners of your back pockets. Its kinda sexy 😉

  7. just relax yourself when you talk to them you can put them at your side. you can cross your arms. you can hold something like a phone. just don’t do anything stupid

  8. Use one to masturbate furiously… and the other to update Twitter via cellphone. How great would that be?
    “Just jacked it in front of Becky… slightly awkward LMAO”

  9. i wouldnt cross your arms because that may seem a little like you have an attitude or dont care about the conversation. dont put them on your head, your description of what you think you look like is correct. if you dont talk with your hands maybe you could run your hands through your hair, if your hair is alittle long girls think its sexy. dont do it too much though, its weird if you do anything too much. hands by your side is probably your best bet. hope i helped : )

  10. always have something in them :)… Like a sports ball!
    Or if you have a backpack just grab the stings or something.

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