What Do I do If I have a problem talking to girls im attracted to?

Question by Gurt40: What Do I do If I have a problem talking to girls im attracted to?
For some reason when I talk to girls im attracted to (only attracted to) my mind kind of shuts down or I get really nervous. I have no idea why this happens Im a confident person around other people. If my brain doesnt shut down and I dont get nervous I dont even know what to talk about. Please help im in high school and I want to have a girlfriend before I graduate (Im only a freshman still a long ways to go)

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Answer by ck
Welcome to the club………. LOL

Seriously, it is a combination of confidence and having a plan on what to say. If you like someone you are probably going to be more nervous around her and if you have enough confidence in yourself and what you are all about it will help. If you have a plan on what you are going to say, and how/when you will say it things will be easier.

Some guys are naturally players, some guys are not. No shame in being one of the non-players so long as you do not let it ruin your life. Being shy and reserved, combined with nervous around certain girls, is a turn on to some girls.

Relax, think about your good points and what/how you are going to say to her. And don’t think you are the only one who feels this way at the freshman level………a lot of boys get that way.

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