What do guys like girls to text them?

Question by HoTcHoCoLaTe: What do guys like girls to text them?
What kind of stuff do guys like to be asked and talk about? What kinds of things should a girl say that would make a guy like them more? What makes guys enjoy texting girls and want to keep talking to them?

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  1. I honestly like it first of all, when the girl replies. Yeah, don’t try playing hard to get too much, If you like the guy that is. It will annoy him. If he likes you, it will confuse him, and he thinks you as a friend, it will annoy him.
    Second, guys don’t like things in general. Are you friends with him. When you guys are at school, find out his interests. Ask him questions, pry for the answers. Then, you can start talking to him about things he likes.
    Guys like to texts girls they like, or girls they consider friends. It’s just like talking.
    Hopes this helps.

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