What do girls talk about more boys or other girls?

Question by Ryan: What do girls talk about more boys or other girls?
I’m a boy and I don’t know who me and my friends talk about more, I think it could be other boys but when we talk about boys we talk about what boys did or said to girls if that makes sense?

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Answer by Nelly
because it’s part of your nature
just like you boys talk about special things ,we like to gossip[i personally hate it but almost every girl loves it]
us girls just want to compare each other to yourselves.
we talk about girls to kinda compete with them and make yourselves better than them.simply critisize or ador their doing.
we talk about boys because we want to know them better or simply because we have crushes on them.
i don’t know what to say more so:
i hope you got what i meant and that i was of use.
yours truly
don’t think about it much cause it’s not that important

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2 thoughts on “What do girls talk about more boys or other girls?”

  1. Well, yeah, it makes perfect sense. It’d be really weird for guys to talk about other guys as much as girls talk about other girls.

    It’s about 50/50. When we talk about other girls, though, we have specific people in mind.

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