What do boys want when it comes to texting?

Question by Pepper: What do boys want when it comes to texting?
Alright, when it comes to texting if they like you they tend to text you alllll the time. What happends when you are just getting to know someone, like a lot of guys say they lovee when girls text them first, but how does a girl know if shes being too annoying. Like the guy feels texting a girl to much could annoy her but he still wants the girl to text her. Who should text who and how often?

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Answer by Mimi149
Girls should only initiate text conversations once a day, unless they are asked to start the conversation at a time that’s best for them. Girls who text too much run the risk of coming off desperate.

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  1. its never annoying, just make sure you know there schedule, and lay off on weekends, try texting right after you say bye irl(after school) or at night.
    It doesn’t matter who texts who first, as long as its not completely lopsided(ie: boy never ever texts girl first-girl might be too desperate)
    and yeah i do love it when girls text first, but like it more when they respond really fast

  2. Keep the ratio of texts sent/received at 1:1 and don’t send annoying things like ‘hello’ ‘are you there’ if he stops responding.
    Doesn’t really matter who texts first, just don’t have it be you EVERY time.

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