What birthday tpresent to get a girl im just seeing?

Question by Fred: What birthday tpresent to get a girl im just seeing?
I’m only texting the girl, and we’ve met up once which went really well, and it’s her birthday next week, So im presuming i shouldn’t go overboard and spoil her like a girlfriend?

Or is it best to just get her a card? or chocolates? what would a girl appreciate most?

Girls- if you were just seeing a guy, what would you expect, honestly?

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Answer by Charmaine Carol
id expect a kiss on the check and flowers, if i was seeing a guy.

since ur not official, give her a box of chocolates or a book. something she likes, a teddy! GET HER A SOFT TOY 🙂 i’d like that <3

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4 thoughts on “What birthday tpresent to get a girl im just seeing?”

  1. That is so sweet 🙂 You can’t go wrong with a card and a box of chocolates or a nice bunch of flowers sent too her house or work 🙂 That would totally make my day and it is not too full on, it is cute and thoughtful without being over the top

  2. Don’t know her very well- a card and chocolate

    If you’re dating, depends how far into the relationship. Early stages it’s totally cute to get card and flowers and if you want to be extra awesome chocolate as well. Can’t go wrong with chocolate

  3. If it were me I would send her some nice flowers to her work. Make the message simple on the card. If it were me I would just put on the card “Just wishing you a Happy Birthday.” Plus if you send it to her work other girls will be asking her who the guy is that sent her flowers. That is points in your favor in my experience.

  4. Flowers and a romantic dinner, then hand her a birthday card that has a certificate for a day in the spa. Any girl would love that.

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