What are some of the best ways to talk to girls and get them interested in me?

Question by beesladesh: What are some of the best ways to talk to girls and get them interested in me?
I am usually an outgoing guy, but when it comes to starting conversations with girls and just being with them, I just don’t have the guts to do that. Do you know how I can feel better when I talk to girls, and maybe give me some tricks as to how to get them interested in me? It would be very appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Answer by mischief.
talk to them like they are people.
don’t talk to them and say corny pick up lines,
or force yourself on them.

make friends who are girls first.

before you can date girls,
you have to know how to be friends with them.

don’t be immature
or act insanely stupid.

just be you.
don’t worry.
girls like it when boys talk to us.
(unless they’re coming on to us really forcefully)

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  1. thats the way girls are
    if they dont like you 4 who u realy r then they just dont like you dont change yourself for aa stupid girl for who ull maybe date for less than a month dont bother

  2. Be yourself, Dont be cocky, Compliment their hair, shoes something casual not over dramatic. Girl like a guy that stands up for them in a manly way, Or when you touch the small of their back, (Right above the butt) Its very gentleman like, If there is a hair in their eye, Move it gently… Smile at them a lot. Just dont get nervous. Flirt only around the girls you like. We dont like it when you flirt with other girls around us…. Good luck!

  3. Be yourself no matter what… a trick that works for me is when a guy finds ways to always touch me… not creepy just light touches on my arm or holds my pinky with his… funny things works for me

  4. clean cut. all women like clean cut men. hair, facial hair if you have it, clean, no dirt under nails. good hygiene. fresh breath. white teeth. introduce yourself. keep it simple. hello, my name is whatever. what is your name? that’s about as far as i can get you. keep it simple and don’t linger. smile and remember her name so later you can say hi again.

  5. perfecto for ur question.








    when u are w/ a group of girls, they might act like they don’t like u just b/c they are w/ their friends, and if u are really popular/outgoing/cute-ish or good looking, the girls might be nervous or shy around u or possibly intimidated by u.
    dont worry! and good luck!! i hope i helped!!

  6. Confidence and your personality and the way it is understood by people goes a long way. If you know people generally like you then you will be confident and you won’t care so much about what a girl thinks about you You have to be good to people in general. IM TELLING YOU, REPUTATION GOES A LONG WAY! As for striking a conversation w/ a girl, the setting matters a lot, but generally, the idea is to ask questions that will keep the conversation going whether it’s at work or at a bar. In other words: FIND THE COMMON DENOMINATOR between you and her, i.e. work, another friend, a professor, etc. Remember to introduce yourself, ask their name (and remember it) and keep smiling, and to have a good sense of humor. Also, KNOW WHEN TO QUIT.; a short but good conversation might go further than a long but forced and boring conversation. Just know your limits, and you’ll know that as you keep talking to people. Good luck and remember confidence and a good reputation are the way to go!

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