What are some good songs about getting cheated on or heart broken?

Question by : What are some good songs about getting cheated on or heart broken?
I’ve been with this guy for almost four months now and he’s been texting other girls trying to get with them. Little did he know I’m actually friends with here. I need some songs about getting heart broken or getting cheated on. I prefer country and pop, but rock and hip-hop are okay too.

*Please don’t list anything by Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood because I already know those songs.

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Answer by J T
kanye west love lockdown. i think is the name.

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  1. kesha- kiss ‘n’ tell, disgusting. faithful-rihanna..
    kiss ‘n’ tell is exactly about cheating…you’ll love it! i did..i was experiencing the same problems, but come to find out he wasnt actaully cheating, his friend was the one telling me all the lies…..hope all is good for you, its hard, but stay positive…ur the better person,and truthful/faithful for that matter lol 🙂

  2. Seether – broken
    In loving memory – alter bridge < that's more about losing someone Beyonce - If i were a boy Eamon - fuck you right back Shontelle - impossible Papa Roach - Forever, scars Its hard to tell you them Because im more into heavy metal, so i don't have anything in the country pop genre

  3. young ram – candle in the wind .
    theory of a dead man – not meant to be .
    the wreckers – leave the pieces .
    stevie hoang – addicted to you .
    shontelle – t-shirt
    seether ft. amy lee – broken .
    pleasure p – i did it wrong .
    saving able – 18 days .
    paula deanda – doing to much .
    nicki flores – let it slide .
    neyo – mad .
    miranda lambert – white liar .
    martina mcbride – how far .
    justin beiber – never say never .
    mario – how do i breath .
    mariah carey – don’t forget about us .
    lonestar – lets be us again .
    letoya luckett – not anymore .
    keith urban – you’ll think of me .
    kc & jojo – i’ll be missing you .
    jesse mccartney – it’s over .
    j holiday – sufficate .
    eminem – love the way you lie .
    brad paisly – photograph .
    blake shelton – she don’t love me .
    blake shelton – broken heartsville .
    beyonce – if i were a boy .
    brooks & dunn – cowgirls dont cry .
    mario – how could you .
    rihanna – unfaithful .
    surgarland – why don’t you stay .
    hinder – lips of an angel .
    rihanna – take a bow .
    beyonce – inreplacceable .
    hinder – last kiss goodbye .

  4. People are different but the ones I used are :
    Grenade-Bruno Mars
    F*** You- Cee Lo Green (And the clean version Forget You)
    If I Never See Your Face Again-Maroon 5 & Rihanna
    Hot ‘n’ Cold- Katy Perry
    Heartless-Kanye West
    Erase Me-Kanye West & Kid Cudi
    Just A Dream- Nelly

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