What are some fun topics to text a girl about?

Question by : What are some fun topics to text a girl about?
We are both in high school but go to different schools and have never met in person YET. Also I like her I just think texting her questions about her gets boring. Plus I’m running out of questions. Also how so I start making my texts more flity without making it awkward?

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Answer by Oblivious Knowledge
why do you like someone you don’t know in person. -_-

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  1. I usually start things off with but plugs and cliterous piercings — just to break the ice. See where things go from there.

  2. play the question gameee! its a fun way to get to know her and you wont be bored! look it up on google and a bunch of websites will come uppp!

  3. play 20 questions, would you rather, truth or dare. But make them extreme and not basic. If she asks whats the greatest thing that has ever happened to you? say you are. Call her beautiful and pretty (if you exchange pictures) Just talk to her like she could be your future girl friend.

  4. does she play sports? if so..TALK ABOUT THAT! I’m a girl and i love talking about it…also talk about itself sometimes…ik from experience that she feels selfish always talking about her! u can. make it more flirty by just adding a little <3 after a sentence randomly...she'll get the hint and just flirt back 🙂

  5. well girls are intrested in you. talk about yourself and your intrests, also talk about your schools, or just life. pets, fun ideas for a date, and your friends, good luck!

  6. Use LOTS of smiley faces, I always love when guys use smiley faces.
    Show her that you actually want to text her don’t say boring things like “ya, oh, lol, k”
    That’s annoying.
    Me and some of the guys I used to talk to would play the question game,
    You just ask random questions to get to know eachother more!
    Try finding a common interest and then talk about that!
    For example:
    Say you both like soccer,
    Talk about what position you play, how many goals you want/made,
    Talk about the uniforms you wear and if you could change them what you would do.

    Just be yourself! It works!
    Hope I helped!:)

  7. Hey, what’s your favorite pudding?
    Do you like whales or do they irrationally scare you?
    How many cats would you have if you were an old lady?
    Would you like to meet up?
    What’s your favorite letter of the Alphabet?
    Have you seen the new Glee? OMG.
    My mom made me pancakes…YOU WANT ONE!?

  8. Depends on the kind of things she’s into. A few things that are easy to talk about would be sports, music, what she likes to do, what you like to do, school, or anything elsel that pops into your head. An easy way to make a regular text a little more flirty is to toss in a smiley face. Also, I know that me and my friends love it when a guy texts us Good morning! Hope you have a great day! (as long as he does it rarely) or Good night! Sweet dreams!!.. It’s even cuter when they say your name in the message. It makes it more personal.. I would say not to jump into to any sexual type texting until you have been texting for a lot longer though. A lot of girls will reply, and they might even find it flattering, but they won’t think of you as someone to date.. just someone to sext.

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