What are good things to text girls ?

Question by : What are good things to text girls ?
I like this girl that i text

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Hey sweetie 🙂

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  1. Does she like you back?
    There’s this guy who likes me but i dont like him and he bugs me so much! omg i just hate him for buggin me every mornining, every night saying how am i doing, what i am doing etc.

    But if she does like you, or you want to make her like you, dont text her like the guy i just described you. You should surprise her some time…..During school….you should hide like a rose with a note somewhere. and tell her the location and see if she finds it.

    I have something for you, but you have to look for it, are you willing to take the hunt? 😉

  2. dont be too serious cuz that is no fun saying how was your day? so just be like hey boo whats good in the hood or something dumb and it will spark and interesting conversation

  3. ok first things first. dont be that asshole that texts girls goodmorning and goodnight ok. doesnt work never will. be funny and flirtatious. say stupid shit that will make her laugh. text her things like sup gangsta hows the thug life. shell get a kick out of that. dont respond to quickly. makes yourself seem to available and shell lose interest. dont be to nice but dont be a complete prick. dont use ”haha” to much either. text her things that make you laugh that happened to you on that particular day.

  4. Play the question game!
    1) you can only ask one question at a time
    2) you can’t ask the same question or repeat a question
    3) you have to answer honestly
    4) no skipping questions

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