What are good conversation starters with girls?

Question by JP: What are good conversation starters with girls?
This girl I like, I wanna text and talk to more in person. What are good convo starters for texting and what should I say in person?

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Answer by Bobby
Say sup gorgeous in text. In person talk about anything

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3 thoughts on “What are good conversation starters with girls?”

  1. There is this guy who I see occasionally at work. It’s stupid and I do not like it very much, but he just tells me to smile a crap ton and calls me Smile.
    I think it’s because he can’t remember my name, but it gets me to smile and at least he is consistent with calling me Smile instead of something else.
    It certainly got me to notice him more than anyone else there.

  2. When texting say “Hey beautiful” or just a simple “Hey What’s up?”
    In person tease her to get her attention or just say “Hey.”

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