What are Filipino culture like when you approach and talk to girls at bar or anywhere in the philippines?

Question by americanstar: What are Filipino culture like when you approach and talk to girls at bar or anywhere in the philippines?
What are Filipino culture like when you approach and talk or ask girls for phone number at bar/nightclub or anywhere in the Philippines?

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Answer by Tropic-of-Cancer
Bar or night club is very different, than say meeting someone by chance in the mall or wherever. Now if you like the lady, then you will ask to meet her with a couple of companions, such as her brother and his wife. Or whomsoever she chooses. You will pay the bill for all. After the first or second date, you will be expected to meet the family (extended family that is.) You will be asked as to your intentions towards their relative. Usually her father.

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  1. Just approach her in a good way like any other gals there. But, she would probably think you are a sex tourist, especially that you’re on a bar.

  2. there is no known culture or tradition when it comes to approaching and talk to girls at the bar or anywhere in the Philippines for that matter. All you need is GOOD MANNERS AND RIGHT CONDUCT to accomplish your goal in reaching out and knowing these girls wherever you are.You need to be formal in every way possible, being rude is the one key that put guys mostly in trouble especially at the bars. Remember bars are where guys and girls drink and have fun. Noisy guys who like to know girls are usually considered pest by other girls with their companions. Bars for me are not the right place to approach or know or talk to girls in this manner.

  3. You have to pay your drink and both of you will get drunk while talking until the club close . You have to dance in front of her too while you are both drinking. The girls love to watch you in the bar taking off you clothes in front of her and play yourself while she is pouring the bottle of beer in your head. The other girls will throw some coins on you as a sign of appreciation, sometimes they will roll the paper money then inserting between your balls. The girls will give their phone numbers to you voluntarily for next day night out. Expect the same thing but this time you have to do it with the flag pole.

  4. “What are Filipino culture like…”

    No offense but I’m finding it hard to believe you’re American. Anyways, Filipinos, like any other group of people, respond to people being nice. Of course, there are exceptions but over all I would say pinays are more genuine and, in some cases, shy. Compared to some places like the US and Canada where many of us are focused on the Kardashians and all that other Hollywood junk

  5. Well, I don’t know if we really have bars in the Philippines. But some people meet girls at a mall, school or any public place and if the guy likes the girl, the guy would ask the girl if he can ‘Ligaw’ (Manligaw) her. It means that the guy is trying to win the girl’s heart by inviting her to dinner, giving her roses, impressing her relatives to earn their trust and many more. And if she feels like she trusts him and likes him, she’ll say yes and they will be going out.

  6. If you have money, show it, then you don’t need to talk. Bar Girls will immediately grab your crotch and see how big is your thingy. If its as big as a donkey, they will giggle as a sign of their gusto. If its as big as that of a dog, they will just smile. But if its big as that of a turtle, they’ll say you got to get me really really drunk to agree with that.

    Are you Hey Joe.
    Give me money.

  7. casual dating in the Philppines, is very different from the US, legit players work at the bars and are very easy to hook up with; they are called bargirls, if you let them know you want to hook up, you will find one everytime. it is like shooting fish in a barrel compared to the endless -wild- goose-chase-adolescent- tease -dating of US culture. you may also find wanna-be players at filipina bars who vaquely suggest they may consider a hook up, who claim they are not bargirls, and who don’t work for the bar, but as a foreigner you take a high risk of a variety of fraud or theft from these types, which should be avoided. the bargirls are generally safe, as they have been vetted by the bar, who has a reputation to protect, so don’t get cheap and instead look for the most reputable bar when scouting for babes. filipina bargirls avg about 8 on scale of 10 for nice, pretty, charming, sweet, clean, etc.. compared to the avg 4 skank you may find in most US bars, [unless you are a millionaire Adonis]

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