What are cute ways to say Hi to a girl on text?

Question by g4l2m0: What are cute ways to say Hi to a girl on text?
I want to start a convo by texting a girl but I want to say somethign that will get her attetntion. Would saying hey cutie be weird? What are other cute sayings??

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Answer by gisselb82@ymail.com
u can say hello my name is ” ” i think ur really pretty.. lol!

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  1. It would be… my gf started off texts when we first went out or before we did like this:
    1. Hiiiiiiiiiiiii πŸ™‚
    2. Hellooooooooo πŸ™‚
    3. Hey you πŸ™‚
    Now it’s like:
    Hey sexy πŸ˜‰
    However, that is weird unless you two are very tight or already going out.

  2. well.
    if ur trying to hard not to b weird, you will probably b weird. so just be yourself and say “hey this is *insert name* whats up?”

  3. yeah it might be a little to forward.A simple “hi” should do it.Then she will say hi and then you should reply with a question.

  4. Depends, how well do you know her? If you say “cutie” and you know her well she’d probably be fine with it. If you hardly know her she may think your either weird or she may like that…you just don’t know!

  5. Whatever you say, be extremely nice. Only text her after she texts back, and if you’ve been texting then she doesn’t reply suddenly, wait at least 1/2 hour before saying “Hello?”. If you are friends with her say “Hey, babe” or the like. If you’re not, a “Hey, what’s up” should suffice.

  6. hey cutie is nice. when i text guys sometimes i rhyme their name with something. like my boyfriend’s name is lance and I always say lanceypantssssssss

  7. Say her name like for example “Hey Katie’
    But of course use HER name Lol.
    Us girls like it when you guys texts us when using our name.
    We feel very happy(:

  8. “hey beautiful :P”
    “hi sexy ;P”
    “hey there :)”
    i would LOVE it if the guy i liked would send me something like these!!

  9. howdy! (i’m from texas tho)

    hey chicka!

    hey you

    hola me amigo(:
    (it could start convo)

    hey hey you you!


    thats all i can get

  10. okay i read all the other answers you got, and these people are rediculous. i really think its hott when a guy texts me saying

    hey gorgeous or hello there;)

    something like that.

    but it all depends on if youve ever talked to her before or not, like
    do you guys talk in person or on text a lot? and she has to think youre cute too cuz if she doesnt think youre cute, shes kinda gunna get freaked out and try avoiding you BIG TIME. trust me

  11. hmm. hey cutie may not be the best way just cuz it could backfire. she might think wow he’s a creep.
    girls don’t much appreciate pet names cuz it’s not very respectful.
    some do i guess. it really depends.

    try saying hi in person instead, it’s less cowardly and more upfront. she’ll remember your face and feel more of a connection cuz the emotion and body language is there.

    anyway if you still wanna text her you could pretend you’re asking for hoemwork and continue the conversation πŸ™‚
    or full out just say something like “hey cutie.” there’s not much wrong with that.
    if you’ve talked to her before, and you guys maybe have some kinda inside joke or something only the two of you say, text that to her and see if she catches on. it’ll make her smile πŸ™‚

    good luck

  12. Emoticons always grab my attention, if you’re interested in this girl text her saying

    “Hey :)” or if you two are a little flirtier you could always go for a “Hey hunnie :]” or a “Hey baby” or maybe if you two have little nicknames for each other you could use that

  13. ooo, im good at this…

    hey babe/hun (only if dating or really good friends), hola can sometimes be attracting, cutie isnt bad, also try just striking out a random conversation about your relationship, sometimes hello’s are overrated, ummmm… i cant think of anything else, but if i can ill b sure to get back to you

  14. i’ve read the others so i won’t really repeat those. so besides the really flirty ones I would go in a way that just makes her HEART MELTTT. these make my heart melt everytime:

    How’s your day going?
    Hey there
    How’s my girl today?

    just asking her how her day is at random times makes her realize how much you care about her. that will get her attention for sure :):)

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