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Well my good buds Bobby Rio and Rob Judge have done it again. They have been putting together an awesome new program called Unlock Her Legs. I was honored to get a sneak preview of this amazing system.

I cannot tell you more because they are still polishing it off and want it perfect before they launch. They told me it is looking like sometime in February for the launch so stay tuned.

You just need to listen to Bobby Below! He Is the man!

“How I Finally Stopped Being the
‘Friend Zone’ Guy…”
(Without Changing My Personality)

OK I got the green light from the guys to send you over here! Check it out!
Unlock Her Legs is a four step program based on The Scrambler technique. The program is very simple to follow and comes with all the techniques and tips you need to know to have a life full of lust and joy.

What Is Unlock Her Legs?

  • Unlock Her Legs is for all those who have suffered from a deflated ego after being rejected by girls consistently. It is also a great fit for those who are tired of impressing girls with no luck and just failure. The program is for men who envy the bad guys getting all the love, attention and sex from the girls they have always dreamt of getting in bed with.
  • With Unlock Her Legs, you can learn how to impress a girl naturally, arousing desire in her and making her throw herself at you. After you are done with the program, you can understand how to drive a relationship and become the sole getter of sex, thrill and love from a girl you always dreamed of.

The Scrambler Effect Explained

  • The Scrambler technique, on which Unlock Her Legs is based on, focuses on four key areas; uncertainty, power, validation/approval and anticipation. With Unlock Her Legs, you can learn how to plant uncertainty in a girl’s mind and make her curious about you, how to shift the power focus and be the one who drives a relationship. Moreover, with the other two steps of the program, you will learn how to make a girl crave your approval and seek your validation, strengthening curiosity in her and finally, how to make a girl highly anticipative about you, making her throw herself at you.

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  • Unlock Her Legs is a great way of ending all the problems you have faced for the longest you have known with girls. It is your solution to a happier and healthier future. With Unlock Her Legs, you will understand what makes girls go crazy after bad guys and become able to do it yourself, how some men are able to sleep with one girl after another and allow you to do it yourself. Moreover, Unlock Her Legs is not a program only for the bad guys or it doesn’t only focus on sleeping with a girl. It’s reach and purpose is rather very broad. With Unlock Her Legs, you will also be finally able to be in a relationship with someone who you have loved for years.

Unlock Her Legs will also allow you to:

• Make her go crazy with your thoughts
• Tap into her mind and all of its potentials
• Tap in her sexual energy and make her go crazy over you
• Help you get in bed with the girl you fancy

The Price?

Unlock Her Legs comes with a $79. However, with the program, you will also get the following bonuses:
• Invisible Escalation
• She’s Sending You Signals
• The Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence
• The Magnetic Effect Pattern
• Her Erogenous Zones
• 12 Conversation That Will Make Her Fall In Love

Unlock Her Legs, which has been created by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, also comes with a 2-month guarantee. The creators of the program have consistently helped 147,000 men with their program so far and are extremely confident in its results. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the program, or its results or are just doubtful of spending money on it, you should do it freely as you can claim a refund and get your money back within 60 days of purchase.


  • Unlock Her Legs has been created by two dating coaches that uncover several seduction weapons that will be quick in arousing a woman and fill her with desire. With their research, Bobbie and Rob discovered that these weapons are full proof, if they are implemented correctly- something that they aim to teach you in Unlock Her Legs. With Unlock Her Legs, you will learn about weapons and ultimately become a weapon yourself; something that will allow you to hold the girl’s attention at hostage, make her become addicted to you and make her fall in love with you. The formula in Unlock Her Legs is extremely easy to follow. The program, which comes with tips and techniques on facial gestures, emotions, feelings and everything in between, has been tested, improved and perfected to help you live a joyous and lustful life.

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