Tips for a shy guy when first talking to girls?

Question by John: Tips for a shy guy when first talking to girls?
I am 16 and I am very shy when it comes to walking up and talking to girls i am attracted to. Girls i know im fine around because a lot of the time i am hanging out with girls that are my friends because same classes and such. I am nerdy but also athletic since i started sports about a year ago and every says im ripped. All my guy friends say i should use being ripped to get girls and i dont know how and i dont wana be a tool.

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Answer by Andie
go up and say something funny

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  1. do it over the internet thats how it started for me then at school i could just go up say hi listen in/ talk





  3. Well since i’m only 13.. my advice would be to act the way u do around the girls ur like friends with.. did i help? =D

  4. Just start talking to them! Getting girls to like you is easy, just be nice, mysterious and funny. When you sense some of the attraction being given back, ASK HER OUT.

  5. just be yourself girls hate it when guys try to be funny, kuz when you try too hard, you can tell and its just weird, just go talk to her and be real

  6. Easy question. Try joking around a lot and talking in a energetic tone so you don’t seem boring. When she laughs, you know you’re doing something right. Oh and try going for a hug now and then, its such an easy ice breaker.

  7. If you want to attract a girl that isn’t about your looks then do NOT use being ripped as a tool to get girls. Being ripped is what girls see as a bonus to you being the type of guy they’re into. You seem smart and even tho you say you’re shy I bet you’re good at conversations based on how you said you’re comfortable around girls you know. All you gotta do is have conversations with the people you are comfortable with AROUND the girls you like. Once those girls join the conversation you’re not shy anymore right? That’s how you do it. Good Luck!

  8. Be yourself. Girls like nerds. Girls think its cute when guys are shy. Ask your girl friends if you are doing something wrong. Other than that have confidence. Act like you aren’t that into her, psych yourself out. You need to figure out why you are shy and let that go.

  9. Hmm you can show off your body without being a tool like not over doing it and acting cocky 🙂

    Best wishes

  10. Just take a deep breath and be yourself. Honestly, the girl your approaching may be nervous too, so try to be the relaxed and casual one. If you have confidence great! If you don;t just act confident and start conversation.As you do this more often real confidence will come. Good luck!

  11. Just be urself and be nice. Lots of girls like shy guys. I do! Just make sure that u don’t act insecure tho. That’s a big turnoff. Just be urself but be confident!

  12. o migosh i have the same problem accept im not ripped and im a 15 year old girl.i understand its difficult

  13. you sound like a great guy. ripped and shy = modest but no need to be. just take a deep breath. be thoughtful and intelligent. when answering, take your time to formulate an answer that is flirty but appropriate. that pause will make you mysterious. but don’t be mentally deficient slow. be confident but modest. be assertive but humble. dont be a jerk, meaning one girl at a time, give like at least 1.5 months between girls. dont talk about/to look at or think about other girls while with a girl. dont go after more than one girl at a time. be flirty and complimentary, not mean. be sweet and kind. this will prevent your toolness. you sound great; have a little confidence man!

  14. Ok, first of all it’s good to be shy. When you’re shy its a sign that you really like someone. Secoundly, be your self and don’t change for anyone, if they don’t like you for who you are they’re not worth it. Thirdly, being a bit nerdy is good. (acting cool all the time must really suck.) Being nerdy is a sign that your not scared to have fun. Hope this helped. Best of luck 🙂

  15. If you just start out with your mindset that you won’t get intimidated and clam up, it should help you ease your way over to her and start a convo, the best thing to do is act like it’s merely coincidental that you are by her.

    Don’t think too hard about it, think of something that comforts you and go with the flow, talk to her like you would want someone to talk to your lil sister (if u have one)…you’ll feel really silly when you try to answer the question– what are you afraid of? — the average person isnt going to point and laugh in your face so just find fun topics that are fun and easy to talk about and others may want to join in which may ease the tension and attention off of you and her (because I’m guessing that make you even more shy). I had a friend who wanted me around with the guy she liked b/c with the three of us, it was easier for her to get the convo going and laugh at yourself 🙂 Hope this helps u out hun….you just don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity b/c that shyness will hold u back if you let it!

    Good luck

  16. You have to act like you’re confident. Us girls don’t know the difference! It takes practice, I’m really shy too but not even half as shy as I used to be. I know it can be painful but it’s the only thing that works! Just repeat positive things about yourself over and over until you believe it. Remember that people that blow you off aren’t worth knowing anyway.

    What actually helped me a lot was just trying to make friends with a guy I liked first. It’s way easier to just focus on being friendly at first than how smokin hott they are. Tell yourself you’re not even attracted to them that way. Then once you’re comfortable flirting will just come naturally. If you find each other mutually attractive then being friends won’t come in the way of going out.

    It’s good advice to encourage her to talk about herself, most girls are really good at that, lol. Ask open ended questions without yes or no answers. We like sincere compliments, nothing stupid or cliche, honest works best. Ask her if she wants to hang out as if you ask that to several girls a day all the time and its no big deal, and if she says no don’t take it personally cuz it’s not you. Just brush it off like it’s no problem at all and it was nice talking with her.

  17. people should stop saying “be yourself”. Those words make no real sense to a shy guy. A shy guy “self” is normally not to talk a girl or even talk to a girl at all. So, telling a shy guy to be himself is like telling him to never talk to a girl because he doesn’t talk to girls. Doesn’t make sense.

    Now those other people that say “be confident”. Oh brother, I give up on them. Who the heck do they think they’re talking too? Not a shy guy, obviously.

    But, if you think what those people say is true, then you might as well try…”hi, my name is…, what you’re name?”

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