Things to text the girl u like to start a convo?

Question by mr awsome: Things to text the girl u like to start a convo?
I realy want to text this girl I like but every time I go to do it I always end up with a blank screen and chuck it away not knowing what to say. I suppose there is some fear of thinking “what if she thinks I’m annoying or what if she doesn’t want to talk, and what if that and this…”
any suggestions coz I don’t realy think the traditional “hey what’s up” seems interesting ennough

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Answer by UN
First make relationship then think for text.

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  1. lol, okay but promise you will text SOMETHING!!
    i bet she cant wait to hear from you. i wish the guy i liked would text me.

    you could say something like:

    (1) hey! how have you been?

    (2) mention something that you have in common or the last time you saw her
    ‘havent seen you in awhile, college has been so hectic:)

    ‘was good seeing you yesterday , im already sick of college lol. maybe coffee next week?

    (3) arranging a meeting is good.
    maybe leave it until later texts

    girls will LOVE what i suggested.

  2. you could say..

    hey how r u today?
    hey how has your week been?

    it really depends – are you friends already? if you are – a simple – Hi, how are you going? Let’s catch up sometime should be alright

    if not – or you have had minimal contact
    just say – hey – it was nice to meet you – id like to get to know you better – are you free anytime this week?
    but that approach is used best when you think she likes you in return, if not
    just keep it to the first few approaches I typed above

    hope this helps!

  3. Well, the traditional “Hey what’s up” is usually how you start the conversation! Unless, if you hung out with her previously then just be like “Oh, wasn’t ____ fun??” Simple questions usually start up big conversations, so good luck =)

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