Thathe girl I like won’t text me back anymore?

Question by Maalnenx: Thathe girl I like won’t text me back anymore?
Ok so this girl is extremely friendly with me in school but never texts me back. She found out my # from a friend and started texting me. But now won’t text me back when I text her. What’s up with that? I know it’s not cuz she doesn’t like me cuz she is very friendly and gives me hugs and stuff. Sooo why doesnt she text me?

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Answer by Wonda
dont text her your prolly creepin her out.. if u txt tha gurl n she doesnt text u back its obviously coz she doesnt like u like dat and she thinks you do…. if she liked you she would ovbiously get excited and txt u bak, so yeah dont text her and wait for her to text or contact you first, girls love guys they have to chase,,,,sooo egnore dah bytch n wait for her to come to yu trust me ima gurl i no wat we ladys like ohhkayy gud luck(:
p.s. NEVER continue textn a girl if she doesnt txt u back, just makes u look like a creeep

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