Texts Men Should Never Send To Girls

noUsually, men don’t tend to think about the aftermaths of sending careless texts messages that they send without thinking their way through. Early on in a relationship, men should be extremely cautious about the messages they are sending as they may easily send the wrong message across.

The same text messages that you send to a girl you just met might have a whole different impact in different situations. It is important for men to know that being careful with your messages may be the defying factor in the relationship of you and the girl of your dreams. The wrong text message may just turn her off and think you are a creep while on the other hand, the right text message may help you eventually score with her.

So, what are the messages that men should never send to girls they just met and want to go out on a date with?

The Winky Face

  • First and foremost, NEVER use the winking face. For you, the winking face may imply nothing but just humor or an add-on to the message but the girl might take it differently. In fact, very differently. There is a huge difference between a message that is sent without a winking face and one that is sent with a winking face.
  • If you send a message that goes something like this: “Do you want to hang out tonight”, you are going to get a reply that says sure, why not. Us, girls won’t think our way through. It will be considered as a normal conversation by us. However, when you guys say, “Do you want to hang out tonight ;)”, it triggers a set of different thought processes in our minds. The same message with a winking face may blow your chance with the girl, even when your intentions are clear.
  • For instance, a winking smiley with the same message will make the girl think that you want to have sex with her and that is why you are asking her out. The winking face implies something naughty, which girls are scared of because nobody wants to get naughty with the guy they might go out on a potential date with.
  • Think to yourself as to whether you would wink with that message in real life… you will not hence, you should immediately stop using the winking smiley in your messages. Winks are creepy and that is why you should never add them to your messages initial on in a relationship or while messaging a girl you just met.

The What are You Doing?…

  • Secondly, another text message that men should never send it “What are you doing?” This is a general message but a very boring one for girls. It is complicated, much more than men think. It is something that annoys us, girls a lot. Sending a “what are you doing” message may blow your chances with a potential date. If the girl doesn’t reply to your “what are you doing” message, you should simply take it as a no and move on. Additionally, if a girl does reply to your message but starts telling about her plans for the next day, don’t make the mistake of asking her out to dinner or movie because she’ll think you’re desperate and a weirdo. You have to be certain and make sure you don’t come across as a desperate guy. Even if you don’t have anything better to do and the whole purpose of you messaging her and asking her what she is doing was to ask her out the next day, pretend you have something better to do. Girls hate guys who are looking for an opportunity to ask them out. However, they do like guys who play it a bit hard to get and show them as not being desperate. Maintain a cool attitude even if it is killing you on the inside. Trust me, this will increase your prospects with the girl.

El Lamo Messago

  • Third, DON’T send lame flirtatious text messages. If you message a girl saying “Hey there little princess”, she will want to block the living day lights out of you. Girls hate such crappy, flirtatious messages that men believe are fun and may help them score a girl. It is true that girls like being appreciated and appraised. They want the other person to say good things about them but lame, flirtatious messages are not the way to go about praising a girl. Messages that contain the words “little princess”, “sexy”, “naughty little thing”, “hot stuff” make girls want to barf. They are nasty and by no means will help you gain the attention of the girl you want.
  • If you however believe that the girl is actually very beautiful and want to say it out loud to her, do that when you are hanging out with her in person. Or, you can send a message saying she looked beautiful after you hang out. Men should be wise with their words that they say to girls over text messages because they won’t realize it but they will set off a girl’s mood and opinion about them if they send crappy messages.

Text messages have provided men and women both with a medium to convey their message to the other person they like or want to go out with a date on. However, using the wrong strategies during messaging may set off the other person’s mood and end your chances of being together with them. Men are less careful with their messages because there are few men who emphasize on the art of messaging to get a girl. Men are mostly casual and don’t think their way through text messages and this is probably the biggest mistake they can make. Thinking your way through messages and being clever will end you up with the girl you want. It is important to know that women are mostly very careful about the messages they send. With women, the case is that they know how important text messages are and are generally more careful about messages than men. Women know the power of messaging when it comes to dating and are usually able to get the guy they want by sending simple, well thought text messages. However, the focus is on men in this case because men are careless and slightly more desperate than women.

In a nutshell, the three text messages that men should NEVER send to girls include:

  • Messages with winking smiley: the wink always sends the wrong message across even when your intentions are clear. Irrespective of the message you are sending, the wink always takes it on the ‘naughty’ side.
  • Don’t send messages such as “what are you doing” because such messages bore the living day lights out of them, girls. Once a girl is bored of you, she won’t come back for more.
  • Don’t send lame, flirtatious messages that include words like “hot stuff”, “naughty tigress”, “lil’ princess”. Girls HATE that!



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