Texting this Girl, Tips?

Question by Andrew: Texting this Girl, Tips?
Ok so i’ve known this girl for alittle while, we volunteer together at the local hospital. We talk alot and stuff while we work, and eventually i got her number. However, texting her leads nowhere. I mean she always initiates the texts, yet whenever i text stuff she’ll just give the most simple answers and stuff. What should i do? Im interested in her, but its hard trying to get stuff out of her. Her friend told me that she’s into me too.

Idk what to do? Tips?

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Answer by Sara
Texting is so overrated. Long hand love letters are the best. You might just peak her interest in that you actually care.

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  1. been there. what you have to do is take the next step and ask her out. suggest going to the movies or meeting up some place, invite her around to yours for lunch. offer to take her for a ride out in your car. you have to step out of the normal boundary of your relationship (eg, just purely texting each other)

    you need to broaden your horizons and start thinking about the big picture.

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