Texting Girls……?

Question by bakedbean100: Texting Girls……?
Why do girls always show their emotion in texting? For instance, aww…. that’s cool or lol, did you ask her out. And when i respond with a simple message they get mad. Why?

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Answer by manutdfan992000
IDK my ex called me a F****** loser because i accidentally sent her a text asking one of my other friends if they wanted to go out with my friend and now we hate each other

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4 thoughts on “Texting Girls……?”

  1. Girls like to make their text sound as if they were talking. It tells you more about how the person reacts, so those types of expressions help you figure out the person’s mood and type of response. So if you just send back a yes or no, it kinda makes us think you didn’t really care to text back.

  2. they want a little more thought sometimes. when i text, i like to keep it short and to the point, the longer messages should be saved for talking on the phone or IM

  3. cause they expect guys to act the way they o and have apragraph for every question.lol imma girl and i wonder y. bee deep brother!

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