Texting Girls You Like

After the victory of getting her phone number wears down, then the fear of what to text her arrives. You went out and socialized and to your surprise, got a number or maybe even two in the process. Now what? You wanted the number for a reason besides staring at it on your phone, right? Now is the time to think of a plan and deliver the text message to the girl you like without scaring her away. But how do you do that?

Following are a few guidelines to follow when texting a girl that you could truly like:

What to Text Girls

 An Interesting Text

  • There are way too many instances in life where people have to wade through boring material for their jobs, their lives or whatever. When it comes time to text a girl, don’t be boring – be interesting to capture her attention. Stimulate her mind or capture her curiosity by what you type in those few lines to her. Make it worthwhile for her to read or even reply to. If there isn’t a point to the message – and the point could simply be to make her laugh – then why bother? Have an interesting point or don’t send it.

Silly Pictures

  • Phones were built these days to communicate in multiple ways. Could you have imagined twenty years ago that a phone would be able to send a picture? That poor old rotary dial never stood a chance at competing with the phones of today. But that is good for you because it only takes a few seconds to snap a picture of something funny or cute and send it to a girl. A picture is a faster way to open up communication and it can allow you to bypass any awkward first texts that open up a dialogue.

Phrases that could be questions

  • When you simply send a definitive statement, then there isn’t room for a reply. When you send a phrase that asks something, then you have a better chance of getting a reply from the girl. For instance, if you were to receive a text that said the sky was blue you would look and delete it. But if you had a text that said my sky is aquamarine with twinkles in it, what does yours look like? Then a reply would be more forthcoming. It can start a dialogue and even make them realize you were thinking of them to start with when you considered the sky.

Keep it Short and Direct

  • Texts that should be chapters in a book should be avoided at all costs. Most people will give you a few seconds of their time to scan a message and if it is interesting they will continue. If it is full of words that appear needy, then it will be ignored and probably never replied to. People are busy these days so when you send a text it needs to be to the point, with a point and sent in a manner that shows you are reaching out to them to connect but not trying to grasp their shoulder and never be willing to let them go. Being clingy is a sure way to get girls to avoid you in the future. Review your texts back and forth and make sure they look balanced between how much you send and what she sends.

Relate Your Plans

  • There was a reason why you aimed to get her phone number in the first place – you wanted to continue on with the conversation and get to know her better. In the texts you are sending make sure to communicate that you still want to get to know her better and throw out events in the future that might work. See what her response is and then you can formally ask and make it a date. Her reaction can give you clues in to if she really wants to go or if you have to talk her in to it. If there is a lot of arm twisting involved either she doesn’t like that activity or she is trying to let you down easy. Pay attention to the cues and be cool about it. If she replies that she can’t wait to go and see you, then you are golden and in luck!

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