Texting Does this girl like me?

Question by A-wall: Texting Does this girl like me?
Ok I was texting one of my friends (a girl) and then she said “do you know my sister is really pretty and nice?” And then I texted back “?” And she said her sister stole her phone. Did her sister say that for any particular reason?

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Answer by bean10
Either her sister likes you or she just wanted attention.
It’s hard to tell though, unless it keeps happening then it must mean she likes you.
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  1. Either two things happened:

    1) Your friend actually sent you that message, and then immediately regretted it. She probably wanted you to date her sister, because you would treat her right.

    2) Her sister really did take her phone and text you that. Because she likes you and wants you to notice her the next time you see her.

    I hope I helped! – Tyler

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  2. it’s probably a joke.
    i do that to my friends all the time, i’ll grab their phone and text random crazy stuff to people without even knowing who i’m texting.

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