Texting conversation with girl, what does it mean?

Question by Andy: Texting conversation with girl, what does it mean?
i text this girl about once a day or every other day. I really like this girl and i was wondering if any other girl could tell me if she likes me by the way she talks to me in the texts. She says my name alot and she puts smily faces at the end of alot of text. But just the other day she said Andy! my phone is Dying! i got to go. is this some excuse just not to talk to me? She didnt even try to reach me again to apologize. please help!!!

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Answer by ihavenoname
idk about her, but when im talking or IMing, the guys i DO like, i tell them i have to go or my phone is dying, that way, i dont sign off on them unexpectedly and they won’t think im ignoring them.

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  1. Smiley faces are usually used in a flirtatious manner, when i girl is texting a guy.

    Usually girls are pretty honest when it comes to their phones dying. i dont dtop texting on mine until im sure it dies. if she just didnt want to talk to you she wouldnt have been talking to you in the first place.

    hope this helps!

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