Texting a girl who has a boyfriend?

Question by mau5: Texting a girl who has a boyfriend?
I met this girl from my college orientation in late June and we basically talked a lot and hung out the whole time we were there. I got her number and she added me on Facebook. It turned out she has a boyfriend. I was a little dumbfounded when I found out she had a boyfriend because she didn’t really act like she had one. But thats not really the problem here. Obviously I don’t have a crush on her because I just met her (although she is very pretty), but I want to get to know her better because we have a lot in common and we got along very well at orientation. I just want a good friendship with her. I’ve been debating whether I should text her or not because of the fact that she has a boyfriend. I’m not scared of the boyfriend, I just don’t want to be that d-bag who flirts with someone’s girlfriend. So how should I approach this? I don’t want to screw anything up. And by the way, there’s no chance of us hanging out to get to each other better because she lives on the west coast and I live on the east coast lol. Thanks for all your help! And sorry this was a little long.
I probably won’t get a “black eye.” I’ve seen what the guy looks like and I could take him in a fight because I train and know how to fight and wrestle. Didn’t expect these kinds of answers -_-
Yea I know have to avoid flirting

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Answer by Tala
You’re asking for trouble. Don’t waste your time!

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  1. No. Not unless you wanna get punched in the face. You’re an adult now, you should know the lines you can cross by now. If she is just so freaken awesome you cant stand it, then I guess she is worth the swollen eye.

  2. text her. its okay. just dont flirt. if she doesnt like her bf enough she will break up with him sooner or later bcoz of you or not bcoz of you. why waste a chance to be her friend ?

    after all she is the one who was acting like she doesnt have a bf and im sure she never brought him up to you.

  3. Just move on. You are asking for trouble! There really is no way your texting/talking could be viewed as anything but dishonest and cheating by the boyfriend, even if you don’t have any romantic intentions. Find a girl on the east coast with similar interests, and start a relationship with her!

  4. You’re just trying to be friends right? Then text her… just watch what you say and keep it friendly.

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