Texting a Girl Tips

If you consider all of the rules there are to texting a girl and actually follow them, your success rate will be much higher than the guy who thinks he knows it all already.

Think Before Texting Too Much

  • Before you press send on that wordy text stop! Does it have a point? Will it make her smile? Is it short and to the point? Funny? If it is none of the above, then delete it and don’t send. Don’t appear desperate by texting too much without a point or sending a text too frequently.

Be Fun

  • Always consider the type of message you are sending. You don’t want to keep sending her the same thing over and over again, so be aware of what you have sent. Make it a picture one day, a joke the next and then a random thought to get her mind working the next. You like to be entertained so remember that when communicating with her too.

Avoid the Future

  • Don’t talk about the future through text messages. Save that for the times when you are together and face to face. A text can leave the door open for misunderstanding and that is never a good thing in a relationship.

Don’t Leave Room For Misunderstanding

  • Be clear and concise in every message you send over. The girl appreciates a clear message purpose too. Abbreviations are OK in some instances, but not every time. Don’t keep her wondering on what you said because you were too lazy to spell out the word. She will get frustrated and might not reply because she doesn’t want to appear dumb to you. Take the guesswork out and be clear in the message.

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