Texting a Girl Sweet Messages

There is a fine line between sending a girl some sweet messages and appearing desperate or clingy. Not every girl likes to get sweet messages on a regular basis, so you will need to take some care in how and when you send them out to a particular girl until you get to know here a little better.

Sending sweet text messages to a girl without an indication that she is in to you can cause more harm than good. If she isn’t in to you very much yet, then the heartfelt declarations of love will fall a little flat and seem a lot creepy to her. She might never talk to you again no matter how well your initial meeting went or if she was really in to you when you got her phone number. You will have to pay attention to her in person and then use other texts in order to see what sweet ones you can send to her in the near future. Because you can send them early on in a relationship when done properly.

Sweet Text Messages

 1.  I was thinking of you and just wanted to let you know.

  • When you connect with someone it only reinforces the notion when you mention you are thinking about them when you are away from each other. As long as you don’t text them you are thinking about them every 30 minutes, it is a nice reminder and will put a smile on their face. It shows a bit of sweetness without overdoing the emotion or the sentiment. It is direct and honest as well, showing your confident nature. It might also keep her guessing as to when and what your next text message will be about.

2.  Send her flowers via a picture.

  • Technology can be used in a manner to further the relationship in ways that might be detrimental in person. For example, instead of sending her a large and expensive bouquet of flowers after a first date, snap a picture of one flower from a garden or even a flower shop. She doesn’t know where the flower is, just that when you saw it you thought of her. It isn’t forceful or demanding attention like two dozen roses delivered to her house would be. And it doesn’t force her to reply unless she wants to. A great way to mention you are thinking of her and it acts as a virtual gift. Then if she is receptive to the picture of flowers then it would be OK to send them in person down the road! She might even give away details like that is her favorite or good thing it’s a picture because she is highly allergic!

3.  Show her you can cook with a picture text.

  • Pictures that show you or at least prove it is you cooking will pique her interest. It gets her emotionally invested because it displays the boyfriend skills you have and that you could take care of her if necessary because you know how to cook! Pictures you take are more personal than a funny picture pulled off the Internet or something forwarded from a friend to a friend to a friend.  With your own picture you are taking the time to not only think about it but actually send it. It is a time investment that will appeal to them. A picture of a dessert might be better than taking it to her if she is calorie conscious too.

4.   Remember to compliment pictures she sends you.

  • Remember that girls love to receive compliments. And if she sends you a picture of herself or something she is doing, remember to compliment it. It is a chance to show your softer side, that you paid attention to what she sent you and that you really do appreciate the effort she took to think of you and send a picture to you.

5.  Wanna go out and do something?

  • Even though text messages will connect you, it is best to be out together in person where you can enjoy things and really experience life. Technology can help the relationship along, but you shouldn’t skip out on real life activities in favor of hanging with your technology. And you can’t really seduce them over the phone…you need a physical body to be able to do that! So send you texts but make it suggest you want to see them and actually do something rather than just text all evening.

6.  Miss ya.

  • Humans crave contact with other human beings. We are just programmed that way and there isn’t anything we can do about it. So you can send her a text that you miss her, but follow up with a when can I see you or let’s do something. You can miss a person for a while but then it becomes your fault when you miss them for too long without taking action to resolve the problem. While a miss you text is sweet, it is actually sweeter to schedule a meeting so you can get  over the missing part.


Send out sweet messages that are limited and sincere until you get to know a girl a little bit better. It will aid in your relationship development when you use with caution!

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