Texting a Girl Once You Land Her Number

If you and some buddies are out on the town and meeting girls, it’s almost impossible to not have a good time. When you can socialize, have a drink, grab something to eat or even do something new, then it is all worth it. If you can flirt and land a few phone numbers, then the evening becomes all the more worthwhile. But what do you do with those numbers once you have traded them with the girls?

How can you take that number and make sure it turns in to another meeting with a girl or further conversation? Learn to text her the right way. When you text the right way you will increase your odds of meeting her again in the near future.

Texting a Girl So She Wants You

1. Keep the interaction even on both sides and don’t force the issue.

There are some people that believe any communication is good through your phone, even if it is going horrible. They prefer to look at the quantity rather than the quality of messages that are being exchanged. Because you could always improve the messages and interaction if you wanted, but it is important to keep the contact. But in the other reality, why should you waste your time conversing with someone who appears to be a flake or can’t return quality texts to you? Pay attention to your gut and if it tells you this isn’t a quality interaction, it might be time to cut it loose.

2.  Exchange numbers.

There is a difference between getting a phone number and exchanging phone numbers.  Don’t just take her phone number without giving yours in return. Then there could be confusion when you do text if she doesn’t recognize the number and then it goes downhill from there. Communicate before you text so she is aware of who it is the first words you send through to her. And make it seem natural when you exchange them and not a forced issue. If it is a forced issue, then the connection might not be easily made anyway.

3.  Don’t forget the callback humor.

When you initially text her, maybe bring in something you talked about earlier that was funny or interesting so she immediately knows who is texting her. Take the guessing game out and go right for working together on the bond you had begun to forge previously. You could mention the movie you debated, a picture from the night before or anything you had talked about that elicited a laugh. Keep it funny and worth mentioning so it is a positive reminder to her.

4.  Funny pictures.

Every time you make a girl smile it is a good thing. Figure out what makes her smile by testing with a funny picture or two. Find something funny where you are working or go through your file that you have built over the months. Search the Internet and get one if you have to. Send the picture and it will work as interaction between you two without you ever having to think of the right words to have to say. It can make her laugh, bring out an emotional response and work to farther the relationship without you having to do very much.

5.  Dumb jokes.

Even a short and dumb joke can work to break the ice between you and a girl you just met. Make sure it isn’t too racy and has a punch line that isn’t too hidden and send away. It might also be a way of measuring the girl’s sense of humor – as if she has one or not.

Some types will work better on some people than others. You won’t know that until you experiment and try them all out though, so get texting.


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