Texting a girl i like. Help!!?

Question by A.j. Collins: Texting a girl i like. Help!!?
I was texting a girl I like and asked how’s it going. She said a few one word answers then she siad she was sick with the stomach flu. (Which she was). I then said get well soon. Was that the right thing to say and id like some tips on texting a girl you like

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Answer by aflowernamedyou
say how u would love to take care of he ror u wish u cld take care of her

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  1. In my opinion that is sweet to say but maybe next time try something different. Maybe im sorry i hope you feel better or something like that. When you text a girl just be comfortable with her. it doesnt always have to be like whats up, how are you kind of talk. if that makes any sense. And maybe try talking to her in person so it’ll be easier to talk to her when your texting.

  2. well u need to be aware of how she is feeling.. and txt accordingly.. since she said she was sick.. u need to be sympathetic.. yeah get well soon cud work instead i wud of said something like “really? im so sorry thats horrible…” somthing along those lines u need to act like u really care for her and are intreasted in how she is doing

  3. 🙁 aweeee. your speechless!:D iloveit! LOL! comfort her in anyway possible.. even if its a litle corny. i know i love it when guys get corny therefore i know they like me and i get comfortable around them and maybe even not so comfortable is she backs way do the same but be free to talk to her and text her! she’ll love it!:D

  4. seem genuinely interested without seeming creepy.
    try to ask questions that force her to elaborate a little more – stuff that can be answered yes/no isn’t that great if you want a real conversation.
    try to get some ideas about her interests, and talk her up on that.
    get a feel for her texting style; if she uses a lot of abbreviations & smileys, try to match her. If she’s a “perfect” texter as far as punctuation & capitalization, do the same.
    every so often, try to drop cute, subtle hints that you like her – just don’t sound like a player. something simple & sweet every once in awhile to make her smile.

    Good luck! And remember, you can’t build an ENTIRE relationship via text. you NEED to talk face-to-face and on the phone every once in awhile. it’s very important!!

  5. Aww that was sweet. Ask her if she wants you to help with anything or how you could help her feel better.

  6. well for starters deffenatelyyyy dont do one word text.
    girls hateee that. it makes us think you dont want to talk to us or your just a boring guy and have nothing to say.

    you should of been like i can come over and take care of you & make you feel better (;

    just say flirty things to her. dont be shy. (:

  7. tell her how pretty she is, or start flirting
    if she does flirt back then there is some interest on her side
    then go on from there to ask her out to places and such

  8. yeah it was an okayy answer..nothing to really remember though. you should have offered something, but like not in a crazy way..something simple like, oh man thats horrible 🙁 is there anything i can do? or google some home remedy and tell her why dont you try this to help the nausea go away or something along those lines..just something thoughtful that she will think of later 🙂 Good luckk

  9. when texting anyone you like get to know them and find some common interests for you two to talk about. And maybe on a day when she’s feeling a little better stop by and check up on her, i would love it if a guy would do that for me.

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