Text Messages To Send Your Girlfriend

Sending Romantic Text Messages Your Girlfriend

If you are in a new relationship, congratulations. You have found a person that seems to work for you and that you can spend some time with and be happy. Now you can skip the bar scene and go home with your girl for your own good time. But you still want to be able to send her text messages that will make her smile, laugh, feel romantic or even more. What type of sweet messages can you send to get the ball rolling in your favor and keep it there for the long term in this relationship?


1  Flowers.

  • Really? But they are expensive to send to a girl. Not the electronic version! Taking a picture is free and sending it is free. Find a flower in the yard or go to a shop and take a picture of a bouquet and send it to her with or without a sweet message. It might not be as good as getting a bouquet sent to the office, but it can still work to melt her heart. Virtual flowers are affordable, so you can even do it more than what you would in person. Keep it creative with the message you attach to the card though! Good luck.

2.  ‘Want some dessert?’

  • Just about every girl is on some crazy diet, whether she will admit it or not. Therefore instead of sending her chocolates, opt for the cheaper and even the lower fat version. Take a picture of dessert and send it to her with a sweet and flirty text. The dessert doesn’t have to be fancy or it can even be something you are making in your own kitchen and wishing she was there with you. No matter what the reason or dessert, send a picture and it will work to keep the conversation open and flowing.  Dessert can even be a link to your future without you knowing it.


3.  ‘Good morning. You should have the most amazing day you can possibly have.’

  • This positive text will get her up on the right side of the bed and keep her smiling all day long. It shows you are sweet, thinking about her and care about how her day goes ahead of time. It could get you a reaction that makes you smile all day long too. And then it only adds to the emotional connection between the two of you, which makes the relationship even better.

4.  Pictures or things you notice throughout the day.

  • It might not seem so much to you, but just knowing that you are thinking of her will make a high point in her day. And you can let her know you are thinking about her by sending a quick joke, the picture, a shared joke just between the two of you or a comment that pertains to just her. These types of texts will add emotional investment to the relationship and work on taking it to another level.  No matter how you tell her you are thinking of her, it will be appreciated on her part.


5.  A meet up.

  • Conversing via the text message is all well and good, but nothing can take the place of a good old fashioned date. You need to see each other face to face and have in person interaction just as much as you do through the phone. So text her a time and a place where you can meet. Make it a surprise location or a new one you have never tried before.  Surprise her with dinner or make it an impromptu outing alone or even with a couple of friends. Because even if you are an expert texter, you would probably want your thumbs to touch her over the phone.

What’s romantic to one person can be completely unromantic to the next. You will need to experiment with what your girl likes and what is comfortable for you to do. Text her and meet up with her and build your emotional connection in many ways so that you have a well-rounded relationship that can weather any type of event thrown at it.

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