Text Flirting 101

Of course there are going to be unwritten rules when it comes to contacting a girl! There are some rules to follow when you are texting a girl and trying to get your flirt on so you don’t offend her or get her to ignore your messages when they come in.

The first rule is to not be desperate. No one wants a cling on, no matter how handsome or smart they are otherwise. Keep the texts limited in the beginning so you are edgy and interesting.


Play it cool! Keep your messages far enough apart so you don’t look like she is the only one you are texting, even if you are. You don’t want to appear desperate and clingy, so keep the messages to her sporadic. Even if you think this is the girl you will marry, don’t fill up her inbox with texts that declare those sentiments. Play it cool and bide the time so that you can eventually tell her that. Waaaay down the road.


Don’t overstep your bounds. It can become easy to overstep your limits and be too forward since you aren’t looking at someone. Don’t say something that is too suggestive too soon or else it could land you in the ignore box. Play it cool and send an emoticon when you are in doubt.


Emoticons are a fast and easy way to flirt. It is also cute, when not overdone. An emoticon on occasion let’s her know you are thinking of her and that you can be fun without having to be the class clown. Don’t send too many all of the time, just like a text, because they could become boring when used incorrectly.

Converse lightly, with an occasional emoticon or joke and you are setting the interest level too high for a future relationship.

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