Tao of Badass Review

Tao of Badass Review
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How long have you sat in the shadows? Scared to start a conversation with a beautiful woman, wondering how the other guys do it? Don't be left in the dark anymore man! I was in your shoes, but not any more!           

Want Change? You gotta Change!

Guys you are looking to change your life right? Then you need to take proactive steps to change it. The Tao of Badass is going to give you the not only the confidence to change, but the game plan as well. All you need to do is take the next step.     

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Your Average 26 Year Old Computer Geek

  I am a 26 year old male and an average guy who works on the computer all day. I am an average looking guy and my income is also pretty average. Today I am going to share with you a story that completely changed my life.

  • Throughout my life I was mostly buried in gadgets and technology, not caring about the outside world. But recently I got bored of my monotonous life that revolved mostly around going to work and coming back to home to sleep. Since I was living all alone, I knew that it was time for me to bring about a change. I knew that the only way to bring a change in my life was to find and hangout with women. But being a technology geek for all my life, I seriously lacked communication skills and confidence to talk to women as did most of my friends. I knew that being away from my social life for so long, I would not survive a minute with a woman because I was shy, intimidated and massively under confident. In today’s world, women are fast and can instantly get turned off by a boring conversation. Someone like me who didn’t know how to speak properly to a woman, it seemed impossible to score a date.

Quick Overview of Tao of Badass

  • Today I will share with you my story that changed my boring life into something filled with fun and excitement. My life completely changed after I got my hands on this particular dating coach system that I am going to speak about today and reveal my experiences. But before I tell you about how it helped me become an ultimate dating machine, I would like to go through an overview of the system.

I Wanted to Talk about Video Games.. It is all I knew...

  • The world of dating can be very intimidating for some, especially for those who are not used to talking to women on a daily basis. In these times, the technology has advanced so much that we usually spend hours and hours sitting in front of our computers or playing games on our TVs. This causes us to disconnect with the social world and we ultimately lose our confidence when it comes to talking with people, especially women.

Have you lost your skills? Did you ever have them?

  • If you are someone who has spent the past four or five years doing nothing but working and sitting on your computer all day, you probably have lost your communication skills. Even if you go out right now and try to score a date, there are high chances you will fail miserably. But just like any problem, there is always a solution and it can often be easily found if you look hard enough.
If the above description fits you perfectly too, then pay attention towards to the system known as the "Tao of Badass" which I used to completely change my life. In the next few paragraphs, I will tell you why the Tao of Badass dating coach system is the best solution to your problem and how it can help you change your life just as it did for me. But first let’s start off with a brief introduction of what Tao of Badass really is.

From Average to....

  • Unlike other dating coach systems, Tao of Badass is a unique system that helps the average guy change his life. It is designed to make you strengthen your self confidence and ultimately talk to girls that you intimidate you. The Tao of Badass is more of a practical program than a tactical program, but with enough dedication, anyone can easily learn the secret art of seducing women.
  • The Tao of Badass comes with a very well researched and comprehensive ebook that touches nearly all topics and situations men can find themselves when they are with a woman. It takes a very practical approach and describes how to face each and every situation you can get into with a woman. The ebook also comes with extra video content that exceeds 8 hours for absolutely free.
Now that you have a better idea of what the Tao of Badass dating coach system is, it is about time I describe my experiences with the system.            

Thank You Josh!


  • Before I go into the depths of my experiences after learning the different tricks and techniques of dating, I just want to mention that the dating expert Joshua Pellicer is an amazing man. He handles all this dating stuff so well that you can almost instantly connect with him. It is as if he knows what your problems are and how you can fix them. I loved this down to earth guy and his wonderful approach on the subject.

Confusion Sets in...

  • After reading the entire ebook for the first time, I must admit that I was completely baffled. I admit that I didn’t understand much of the concept the first time I read it, but some of the content on the ebook really, really made sense and so I decided to give it another go.

Better Understand of Different Situations

  • The Tao of Badass dating coach system covers every possible situation you can run into with a woman. It helps you understand the psychology of the women and how to manipulate that psychology for your own good. I came across some stuff that I couldn’t possibly imagine existed.
  • So after going through the ebook and the several videos, I felt ready to go out and strike. I was so nervous, but I felt like this could be one of those movies where the nerd wins the girl. I’ll be honest, the first night I was out, it wasn’t quite successful but at least it served as a great practice session for me and I slowly realized what I was doing wrong.
It did take me time to master all the concepts mentioned in the ebook, so don’t expect to read it and magically get laid on your first night out. Today after nearly 3 months I can almost pick any girl I want and get her to take interest in me. I will describe some of the situations I have been in and how Tao of Badass helped me.

Some of the Situations of was in with Women

  • The local bar down the road had this Asian woman handling the drinks and everything; I had seriously liked her and really wanted to get to know her. Before reading the ebook, I had absolutely no idea how I would approach her and how I would talk to her. But thanks to Tao of Badass, I had all the little tricks to start the conversation and keep it going. How to get her intrigued with me and flip the switches for her wanting more. Now she was the one asking me the questions.

Psychology of Women

  • You see the Tao of Badass explains in detail the psychology of women, and by just looking at this Asian girl, I could instantly tell what kind of a personality she had and what she wanted from a man. From "Tao of Badass", I knew which signs to look for from the woman. I sat down and started talking to her naturally. I knew how and what to speak to her. I could easily see it in her eyes and smile that she was interested in me. Because I was so well trained by reading the different concepts from the ebook, it didn’t take too long for me to get her number and eventually get her out. She really did like me and its all thanks to the right stuff I said that I picked from the Tao of Badass.

When you see that random hot chick and just have to act!

  • In another situation, I was shopping in the super market when I saw this gorgeous woman down in the alcohol section. I instantly knew that I had to talk to her and get to hang out with her. Because of the techniques explained in Tao of Badass, I knew how to approach her and how to get her to take interest in a complete stranger. I went to her and I knew she was confused about which wine to pick up for dinner, I instantly started helping her out and told her of this made up story about a particular wine. In just a few minutes she was smiling and was talking to me as if she had known me for quite some time. It didn’t take much effort for me to grab her number and ask her out.

Try this SYSTEM!!

  • I just want to say that Tao of Badass is a really great dating coach system. It has helped me tackle any situation at stake. I have learned to speak to women properly and my self confidence is now sky high. Before reading the book, I was just another geek who was quite unpopular amongst women. I even have more confidence around men. My life is changing!
Remember, Tao of Badass is designed to hone your personality and teach you the right moves to approach a woman. It is designed to make you say the right stuff at the right moment. When you don’t have the looks super model or a beach body, your ultimate weapon is your personality and sense of humor. Tao of Badass makes you learn the real potential of your personality and use it against women to score unlimited dates with any woman you can possibly dream of.

So without waiting, give this program a try and start scoring some real and serious dates!