talking to girls?

Question by Fballa: talking to girls?
well i sorta talk to girls but im sorta intimdated wen it comes down to it. any tips on jst how to talk to new grls that i havent talked to before cuz ive been sorta afraid. i mean i can do it but i cant like start talking i have to be talked to then i do good. any tipps
thanks alot i appreciate it.

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Answer by docC
man up. You won’t be a fool. Just strike up a conversation. Better yet ask them about themselves. People love to talk about themselves

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  1. Just break the ice, do something out of the ordinary or just be funny everyone in the beginning is afraid to talk to girls

  2. well, i think that it’s really cute that you’re shy. if i was the girl that you wanted to talk to, and you told me that i would be very understanding of it and talk to you. maybe just start by saying ‘hi im ____, what grade are you in?’ or something simple like that.

  3. Make complements on her clothing. Girls love that. Stay calm and think “What’s the worst that can happen?” (really?). I also find this question interesting and I put a star on it. Good luck!!! =)

  4. I`m a girl, all i have to tell you is, be yourself, dont try to impress her, or anything like that, just act natural,and she will like you for who you are…

  5. um, can be a little more specific? do you mean like you dont know what things you should talk about, or that you dont have the courage to talk & ask out a girl.

  6. takes practice just be open and friendly. if you ask a girl something have the courtesy to listen to her answer. be genuine and dont force your opinions definately you are entitled to voice them but if the present company dont agree with you agree to disagree or at least get them to explain why they feel the way they do. basically all girls want to be listened to and treated well. good luck

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